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JKKS again!

Discussion in 'Doberman Breeders' started by Altobello, Dec 21, 2008.

  1. Auslese Dobermans

    Auslese Dobermans Novitiate

    This is Horrible. I recently brought in a new doberman family member. The 13 week old female in my display image. He mother is off of Cleapatra Di Altobello and Animus Alvaro Di Altobello. I Googled the name and came across this board. I paid good money for my dog and dont want her being confussed for the other fake Altebello Dobermans. I hope my girl Matures into a beutiful female like her anscestors. Thanks to Altobello Di Dobermans.

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  2. swiftK9s

    swiftK9s Hot Topics Subscriber

    :congrats: on your new puppy and :dc:
    We adore puppy pictures around here and we would love to see your new little girl. :wub:
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  3. Dobs4ever

    Dobs4ever Hot Topics Subscriber

    Congrats on your new family member and welcome from Missouri - Unfortunatley the name Altobello brings up a lot of negative today. I had hoped that Marcia was out of business since the humane society took some of her dogs away a few years back. If I remember correctly there are two Altobello kennels in Europe and one is the referred to as the puppy mill Altobello who did broker some dogs to Marcia and JKK Dobermans.

    You are so correct she is bad news. I hope she is not still in Dobermans.
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  4. TrinityDobes

    TrinityDobes Novitiate

    Welcome to the Forum from Virginia, and congratulations on getting a puppy from the real Altobella lines and not one of the fake, scam breeders. We love all puppies and welcome those new to this wonderful breed. This forum does a great job mentoring so I hope you stick around and get to know us, and let us enjoy your puppy as it grow up!!

    Auslese, Please go to the Introduction forum and post an introduction telling us about you and your beautiful puppy - I am afraid that many members won't see this post and loose the oppportunity to welcome you and your pup to DCF!

    The best thing that people can do is to educate / mentor at every opportunity about the breeders to avoid. Education is Power!!

    Auslese Dobrmans, can't wait to see more photos of your pup - I love those brown girls especially!!!
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  5. BreesMom

    BreesMom Novitiate

    :welcome: to the forum so glad you joined us!! Would love to see some pictures of your pup!!!!!

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