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Is this common in dobermans?


My 2 year and 4 month old female doberman has this lump on her neck that has grown rather quickly. She had a fine needle aspiration done at her vet. Results show not cancerous. I was told to monitor it but they recommended it be removed if it is growing quickly. Anyone else have this issue with their dobie? She's had this lump for almost 2 weeks. She has had several other lumps in same area but those seem to have disappeared.


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So did the Vet say it was a lipoma? If so they are pretty common in dobermans. Well common in any breed really.
Hi @GennyB That is what I am losing my mind about. The vet is telling me the only way to find out what the lump is , is by having it removed and sent to the lab. She could not give me an answer as to what it is or what's causing it. Do these, Lipomas, tend to go away on their own?
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If its not protruding or obvious, and it isn't cancerous, I'd leave it alone. I can't really see it from the pics, to be honest.


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A couple of mine have had Lipomas. In my experience they don’t go away by themselves & we’ve had them removed.


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I’ve not seen them in that young of a dog.

Rocky has several and is almost 11 now.
That’s a hard thing to think about in itself😳

Anyhow, I’m not a veterinarian.
My local vet took a sample of several of his without removal and had it sent in and analyzed to confirm a benign fatty cyst.

I’m not saying my vet is right or yours is wrong or vice versa.

I think I’d ask the opinion of a second vet to gain perspective here.

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I notice you are fairly local to me considering the world wide members here.
It may not be the cheapest option for you, but you are not far from the vet in Yorba Linda that handles all the LE K9 in the area.
It might be worth that trip up the 55 to 91 and have that second opinion there.

Best of luck and please keep us informed.