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Important: Re, Potential Downtime.

Discussion in 'Doberman Chat Announcements' started by FredC, Jan 6, 2015.

  1. FredC

    FredC Guest

    Doberman Chat may experience intermittent downtime over the next 24 hours. We will be moving to a more powerful server and these things are always complicated and require some amount of downtime.. And as our servers information gets transferred from one datacenter to another your connections to this site will at times be aparatic.. We of course are not anticipating troubles and suspect by this time tomorrow all will be behind us.. If you wantt o stay in the loop please feel free to like and visit our facebook page in case any complications arise you will be the first to know whats happening.

    Im not entirely certain when work will begin but we are pretty confident the process will be mostly painless for all involved..

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  2. XFAdmin

    XFAdmin Administrative Staff

    Sites have been migrated, and the DNS has been updated. This post is on the new server!
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  3. Oh Little Oji

    Oh Little Oji Formerly Tad Hot Topics Subscriber $ Forum Donor $

    Back up and running smoothly it looks like. Thanks for all you do!
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  4. MattW

    MattW Administrative Staff

    There was a small issue with the SSL certificate, which should now be fixed. It would have prevented some older browsers from connecting to the site.
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  5. JanS

    JanS DCF Owner Administrative Staff Moderator Hot Topics Subscriber

    Thank you for the fast work @MattW!
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  6. FredC

    FredC Guest

    Bear with us guys.. I am aware of the multiple problems since the downtime. It's all a little overwhelming but I'm trying like hell to figure out what went wrong.
  7. MattW

    MattW Administrative Staff

    What's happened?
  8. FredC

    FredC Guest

    I don't know a plugin blew up, elastic search is down and people are still reporting DNS and SSL related issues. The server is spitting errors so fast I can't even read them as fast as there coming in.
  9. FredC

    FredC Guest

    Lol and that was a fast reply.. Just trying to work through all this before I bugged you with it.
  10. MattW

    MattW Administrative Staff

    Elasticsearch was stopped. I've just restarted it now.
  11. MattW

    MattW Administrative Staff

    Can you make my account admin, and I'll log in and take a look at the errors?
  12. FredC

    FredC Guest

    Weird wonder who did that. I think I'm the only one with access.
  13. MattW

    MattW Administrative Staff

    It stopped on the server. I'm looking at the logs to try and figure out what happened.
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  14. JerseyFirefighter

    JerseyFirefighter Site Sponsor

    I've been receiving ssl errors on chrome for the past few days and tapatalk would not load. Didnt have a chance to clear my cache and history to see if that cleared it up.
  15. MattW

    MattW Administrative Staff

    The SSL errors should all be sorted now.

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