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I was wondering what you guys think is the ideal weight for a Doberman puppy as it grows. So far Prince is 10 1/2months and is 80lbs. But Ive seen doberman owners post their 10 month old euro Dobermans that are 120lbs. I’m wondering if prince is underweight for his age? Or ideal? Or is it because my puppy came from differnt bloodlines (dad euro mom American) which is why he weighs less?


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I think your boy looks fit, trim & racy.
You should be able to see a HINT of ribs. You shouldn't be able to see/count every rib and when you feel for ribs you shouldn't have to dig for them.

120 lbs isn't only overweight and out of standard, it's unhealthy.
My boy is pretty big, but for his height and build/structure, I feel 96 is his ideal weight.