I need help…. Ears


Did I mess up? I stopped posting because he is Houdini! He is almost 8 months now and I haven’t posted in probably 2 months. I was beyond stressed and so was he. IMG_1281.jpegIf I haven’t completely messed up. Any help would be appreciated. I have tried so many styles he can scratch his ear and get anything off….

-backer rods (twisting and pulling ear up to make sure it’s all the way down)
-bridge & no bridge
-half post
-surgical glue and different glues
-different tapes
-tempostay from vet glued in
Welcome from Minnesota!

You might still have time but you'll have to make sure the posts aren't out for more than an hour. I would stick with the backer rod method and perhaps the tape you are using is the problem. He should not be able to get them out if they're secured in the canal well.