I can officially reveal.......


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We will be getting a new puppy mid-Aug. Not just any puppy, but.......... an Echo grand-baby!!! Wahoo!

Joker was bred last month to a pretty girl (Charm) owned by Tammy Young-Eck of Providence Dobermans. Ultrasound confirmed that she is in whelp
and due on June 23rd.

That's awesome - I'm so excited for you!

I know you have turned a few down but this litter is going to be really special for you.
Thank you everyone! As most (if not all) of you know, Echo was our Queen. We were completely devastated when we lost her in 2021. It took my husband quite a while before even entertaining the idea of another female. Not to take any recognition from Joker, he has been my best boy, road trip partner and always gives me 110%. When Tammy asked me if she could use Joker, I was so excited because I had fallen in love with Charm when she was a puppy. So, it's time to actually add a little princess to our home!

Now, we wait for their arrival!