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Hydrolyzed Protein food long term


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Hey all!

Kanda has been on a royal Canin vet prescription Hydrolyzed protein diet for the majority of the time since I’ve had him. He does awful with chicken and seems to also be sensitive to beef, so I just avoid chicken/beef/Turkey/pork altogether. Any additives to his food are lamb, venison or cod/wolffish. I was just wondering if long term, a Hydrolyzed protein diet may be bad for him in any way? The vet didn’t think so, but was wondering if any of you have had to do this for your pup. I have considered switching him to a lamb based diet but I’ve read that you can’t always trust those foods because they may be manufactured on the same surfaces as beef/chicken recipes etc. I’ve also considered that I could try kangaroo or something but I’ve heard that some novel proteins diets could increase the risk of developing DCM. Not sure if there’s any truth to that.

Any recommendations on food for a pretty allergy sensitive dobie? I’d love to feed him a gently cooked meal plan but it’s too expensive. I just want the best diet for him long term without going totally broke lol for now he’s doing fine on the prescription diet.

Thanks for listening! Obligatory update pix attached


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GM, my girl had very loose stool at 11 wks when I got her. The vet gave her meds for a wk and they helped her while on them. The vet also changed her food to the Royal Canin Hydrolyzed Protein and said hopefully she will grow out of the problem by 1 yr . She will be 17 months on 9/14 and I feed her 2cups 2X/day of salmon/sweet potato kibble while 1/3 of that is still the Royal Canin and she's fine. If I take her totally off RC stool gets looser. Vet says leave it the way it is it certainly can't hurt her. She is 26 1/2" at the withers and 72 lbs...looks gr8.