Houston Dog Park


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Well, I went off to Houston to look at temp housing... and figured since I had to drive there by myself I would take the girls up there and stop at a dog park that has a big doggy pool, and thank gawd they had a pool, it had to be at least 100 degrees!! They had a blast, seems like Houston has a lot of really nice dog parks, this is the biggest one at 20 acres... and there was even another dobe there... lil smaller but darker rust, but of course my girls are snobs and only play with each other :)




love this pic!





Then i figure i would try some action shots... lol,

Karma messed up Fates shot... darnit


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Excellent shots hrd and how cool that you'll have some nice dog parks down where you're moving! LOL, Karma can never mess up a shot. ;)


Wow what a fantastic park....doggy pool and all...also thought the big fire hydrant was a cool touch for the boys visiting LOL!! Don't know exactly how you feel about the move but parks like that one should make it nice for your pack :)


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WOW That's what I call a nice dog park!! 20 acres, a pool and even agility equipment? Wow You got some cool pics on a hot day, hrd! Beautiful girls!


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yea i had to take them there for a few hours... it was a 6 hour drive total there and back... so i owed it to them, lol, poor things! but they did good and def slept all the way back!

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:wow:That's an awesome dog park! And that picture of Fate caught in mid-stride is really cool. Too bad they didn't play with the other doberman, but that's the way it goes :D

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Thanks for the pictures of your great dogs and great dog park! This gave me a great idea going to try and put a jump like that one in the yard for the dogs and it's a great landscape friendly looking jump awesome!!

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I wish our dog park was that sophisticated. We only have mud holes and a river. I would LOVE a doggy pool like that. It's very hot here at the moment as well, and we are only in the beginning of June. sigh. Not a lot of outside activities for the girls. A pool is the only way in those hot temperatures. Thanks for sharing those awesome pictures.


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Great pictures ! Is that the Millie Bush park? I wanted to take Peggy Sue there but with the spay and all i was afraid of socializing with new dogs.


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thanks all :) think i will make it a point this summer to check out all the parks that have swimming available, i think there is a few here, it seems like this town has more to offer dog park wise, so we shall see... then the non swimming parks we will check out when its cooler :D very excited about having more opportunity to hit up some more dog shows without having to pay for hotels!

and it was a dog park named after some congressman off highway 6... ummm will haveta get back to you on that one, LOL

one minute later... Congressman Bill Archer Bark Park