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House of Hoytt

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There are many breeders out there with a real interest in the health of the Doberman breed. Many of them are using genetic testing to identify unhealthy genes like DCM, or VWD. Yet there are some who just refuse to get on board with the current science for promoting healthy Dobermans. There are numerous article published by major institutions identifying the cause for the decline in the Doberman health, inbreeding. The Institute of Canine Biology had stated the no more than 10% inbreeding over the entire population was the limit and 5% as an acceptable amount of inbreeding. However, breeders like House of Hoytt haveused and continue to use inbreeding for their primary source of breeding. The salesman like approach of HOH leads a potentialbuyer to be mislead by false claims. HOH website is full of bragging about the confiration records their dogs have accomplishe, but how many of them are alive after 4-5 years of age? The website sill brags about having the purest bloodline of Dobermans in over 60 years. If they are not inbreeding how is this possible. The future buyers of Dobermans will pay the price for poor breeding habits unless the potential bbuyer becomes educated about the breed and the downfalls that now face the breed. Hopefully enough people read posts like this and stay away from bad breedersbefore they purchase an unhealthy Dobe which eventually becomes a statistic.