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HomeAgain microchip scam

Discussion in 'Doberman Talk and Discussions' started by Dobs4ever, Jun 15, 2015.

  1. Dobs4ever

    Dobs4ever Hot Topics Subscriber

    HomeAgain microchip scam jeopardizes your pets

    As a pet lover, pet owner and pet advocate, it absolutely enraged me when I found out firsthand about the HomeAgain microchip scam.

    Being such a responsible pet owner I thought that if my pet was microchipped and registered, we would stand a very good chance at being reunited should my pet get lost.

    Boy, was I wrong.

    The pet micro chip concept is fantastic. You:

    • Get your get microchipped.
    • Register it in a database.
    If you and your pet are separated and your pet is turned in to a shelter, vets office or some type of rescue group, they will scan the microchip, read the info and you are your precious baby will be reunited.

    Some companies, particularly HomeAgain, have changed such a great concept into something negative and HomeAgain’s actions, in particular, can actually prevent you from being reunited with your pet should he or she become lost.

    HomeAgain microchip scam can kill your pet!
    Because of the underhanded practices, the HomeAgain microchip scam can even result in your lost pet being put to sleep due to the unethical tactics that HomeAgain uses.

    Let me explain.

    HomeAgain at one time had the monopoly on the pet microchipping industry.

    If your pet was microchipped it was a HomeAgain microchip. Period.

    After adopting a pet or having a microchip implanted at the vet, the owner would then pay a fee and register their pet. Easy and effective.

    As time went on, other companies entered the pet microchipping business.

    HomeAgain was not too happy about this.

    In order to retain their leadership spot, they had to do something since there was now serious competition that could ultimately put them out of business.

    HomeAgain changes their business strategy
    HomeAgain decided that they would continue to make their money off of consumers and they their mission was to convince shelters that they were still the best choice for pet microchipping.

    Aggressive and persuasive HomeAgain representatives would visit vets and shelters and provide them with free supplies, such as expensive scanners, while still offering pet microchipping registration to owners for a nominal one-time fee.

    Since technology had advanced and microchips made by any company, including HomeAgain, were able to be scanned and read by any business that owned a universal microchip reader, HomeAgain wanted to make sure that shelters implanted HomeAgain brand mircochips in any animal as soon as they taken in by a shelter.

    To achive that goal, HomeAgain stepped up their free offerings to shelters and vets, offering them thousands of dollars in free merchandise, and most likely cash incentives as well, to ensure that these business would only use HomeAgain microchips.

    They are unverified stories circulating on the Internet that HomeAgain would attempt to confiscate scanners from other companies!

    HomeAgain became very aggressive and completely changed their business model.

    Once they knew that the vast majority of shelters were implanting HomeAgain pet microchips upon intake, they were ready for phase two and implemented an annual membership program, versus a one-time pet microchipping fee that continues to confuse many people.

    The marketing for the program leads pet owners to believe that their pets are not covered if pet parents do not renew their HomeAgain membership and that is simply not true.

    Numerous companies are now in the pet microchip market and an AAHA pet microchip database was created.

    This fantastic tool was designed to allow anyone to type in a pets microchip number and find out what company the microchip is registered to. Then a simple phone call would enable the pets owner to be located.

    Fantastic concept except not all pet microchipping companies participate in it.

    HomeAgain does participate, however, as you will see, they have found a way to again manipulate the system to their advantage and use this information to penalize pet owners who dare to register a HomeAgain microchip elsewhere.

    Shelters and vets will erroneously tell you that the microchip implanted in your pet is not registered until you register with HomeAgain and pay a fee, because that’s what HomeAgain tells them but the chip is registered.

    The truth is that the microchip isregistered to HomeAgain and if you fail to pay for a membership with HomeAgain, they will take steps to prevent you from being reunited with your pet.

    As you will see as your read on through this site, that horrible, deplorable, unethical business tactic, which is very lucrative for HomeAgain, can cause your pet to be killed at a shelter.

    Here’s why.

    The microchips are all numbered and HomeAgain knows exactly which vet or shelter received each numbered microchip.

    Should you register with another pet microchipping company, HomeAgain will manipulate the registration so that their information will come up first when a person has found an animal and searches using the AAHA look-up tool.

    That means that even though you have a pet that is microchipped and even though you registered the microchip with another company, the HomeAgain entry will come up first.

    And that can mean the untimely demise of your beloved furry family member should he or she become lost.

    Shelters and vets, who are often overworked and understaffed, will very likely contact the the first entry that shows up.

    When they contact HomeAgain, they are told that the microchip is unregistered because the pet owner was irresponsible.

    Your pet is then left at the shelter and can very likely be put to sleep if he or she is old, timid or scared, ill or otherwise deemed unadoptable.

    HomeAgain then uses information about the microchips, even ones that are not registered with them but are HomeAgain chips to inflate the numbers of the total amount of un-microchipped pets.

    An appalling and potentially deadly practice.

    And all to make money without any concern for pets.

    This website was created to educate pet owners and to explain and expose the HomeAgain microchip scam.

    If you are not completely outraged now, you will be as you make your way through the website.

    Pet owners, pet lovers and pet advocates need to take action to stop the HomeAgain microchip scam.

    [DOUBLEPOST=1434384765][/DOUBLEPOST]I did a little search and it seems this might be true. I know Homeagain did change to registration and that I always used Avid chips because I like their program better. But now my vet only used Homeagain so Helio, London, Koko are chipped with Homeagain. I refuse to register them. I never reg avid yet the did call me when a dog once got lost and I contacted the owner.
  2. MyBuddy

    MyBuddy Moderator Hot Topics Subscriber

    :facepalm: Why does everything have to revolve around greed??
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  3. salisa826

    salisa826 Hot Topics Subscriber

    That is horrible. Denali has a home again microchip.
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  4. Wilderness medic

    Wilderness medic Novitiate

    Great. Mine too
    [DOUBLEPOST=1434429613][/DOUBLEPOST]Eh. Doesn't sound too legit or concerning from the majority of the comments on that page.
  5. Drogon

    Drogon Hot Topics Subscriber

    I don't follow the logic. HomeAgain will come up first seems to imply there would be a second. If someone is scanning your pet HomeAgain will come up first - but that doesn't mean much. Will it show no contact information? If so then I assume the person who scanned your pet would then move on to the "second", which I guess would have the correct contact information
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  6. Dobs4ever

    Dobs4ever Hot Topics Subscriber

    Drogon - I think perhaps that if it comes up first the scanner does not default to seek a second as Homeagain is dominant. So while the second chip is there it does not pop up if scanned again. It defaults to the homeagain... Best way I know to explain it.
  7. Dobie Wan Knobie

    Dobie Wan Knobie Hot Topics Subscriber $ Forum Donor $

    So the Homeagain is working as it should, while pushing the others out? So to speak
  8. JanS

    JanS DCF Owner Administrative Staff Moderator Hot Topics Subscriber

    Ugh, both of ours have Homeagain chips.
  9. salisa826

    salisa826 Hot Topics Subscriber

    There was a story on the news recently. I don't know the brand of chip. But a dog was stolen and a year or 2 later was found. But the chip had been registered 3 times. Ultimately the authorities gave the dog to the most recent registered family.
  10. Dobs4ever

    Dobs4ever Hot Topics Subscriber

    Strange but it is true AKC gives preference to who owns the chip NOT to who hold the AKC registration papers. Now think about that one for a minute. First owner chips the dog. Sells the dog and most never transfer the chip or even think about it. then the dog is lost and it is the chip that determines who the rightful owner is.
  11. henleyb8

    henleyb8 Jr Member

    Thank you for the post. That sounds like something Monsanto would do. we just got a microchip.
    Chiphandel.de and it is not registered with http://www.petmicrochiplookup.org/ AAHA. We did register with TASSO a German company. So now I wonder if the vet could even look up our dog?
  12. Wilderness medic

    Wilderness medic Novitiate

    Lol Monsanto...
  13. Dobs4ever

    Dobs4ever Hot Topics Subscriber

    Vets are strongly supported as the article says by homeagain and their scanners do not read the euro chips as they are on a different frequency from the American chips.
  14. Drogon

    Drogon Hot Topics Subscriber

    I'm sure that still holds true for some but many have moved to universal scanners also called forward- and backward-reading scanners, that detect all microchip frequencies.
  15. JanS

    JanS DCF Owner Administrative Staff Moderator Hot Topics Subscriber

    I know many who both chip and tattoo, which does make sense. But, if your dog changes hands, how do you handle a tattoo with the original owners name on it.

    That would never be the case with us or pretty much anyone else here, but I'm sure it does happen.
  16. Lu4cats

    Lu4cats Novitiate

    The Scam goes beyond Homeagain. They are organized through the pet shelter programs. Big Money for grants for spay/neuter programs and microchip programs and they are tied. The spay/neuter provides most of the benefit and the microchips cause most of the harm, but the program spin is that microchips control the population and prevent euthanasia. Shelter workers turn a blind eye to the harm, though it is DEATH IN THE SHELTER, generally a 50% increase, because they are told it prevents euthanasia. Find out more, including https://chipmenot.info/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/The-Betrayal-of-Dogs-Trust.pdf

    I found out after adopting a shelter cat with a plastic microchip, polyester it probably is, but who knows? And she is sick from it. Good luck finding it and getting it out, it is a technological monstrosity. Find out at https://chipmenot.info

    Please spread the word.

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