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I'm no fan of dogs having dog friends, but my dog-trainer friend & I wanted to hike together, so today it happened. Her well trained GSDs, plus Reckless (so dog neutral, hardly a glance to acknowledge their presence), & Asha - the bull in a china shop, non stop cray cray dog - we meet at my house, leash up and start walking on leash about 15 minutes until we get to the Nat'l Forest gate, then we let Asha, Reckless & the male GSD off leash & they go running, with just a bit of sniffing, but no problems and Asha happy to have a new sidekick. It was another 20 - 30 minutes before the GSD bitch was let loose, she can be a little weird so watched closely. Poof. 4 loose dogs, all perfect recalls, all out/off on command when play got tough. They all stuck with their owners when asked to, and posed together for photos. I never imagined that Asha would be so good & in control with this much action in front of her. Yes, the e-collar was on, but still. I was a proud owner today! It was over 3 hours of hiking, everyone had a great time, not a single growl or fluff of animosity with the dogs. The GSD dog is intact, the GSD bitch is an early spay (problem dog adopted by my trainer friend, long story) and then Asha & Reckless, both intact. I'm sleeping well tonight, knowing somewhere down the line, we've got some things right. :love:

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Wow....that’s awesome right there! What a great accomplishment!

A weight of your shoulders and something to be proud of!

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What a fun day and what a sense of achievement that Asha is so responsive even in company! Now you will feel confident in most situations you find yourselves in. :thumbsup:


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The RIGHT WAY to have dog on dog interaction. When she's ready and with a purpose. Great job!!