Hike after the rain


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Hiked about 4 miles - big rain last night rearranged the yard, the road and the creek. LOL. Photos in the weather thread of that mess. So we hiked out to see the creek flowing and enjoy the cool (about 65F) day.



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I'm so happy you finally got some rain and a perfect weather day!

The dogs look pretty happy about it too.

jazzies mum

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Oh WOW! Isn't it great when it finally happens! I love the deluge and seeing what power it has. I agree that the dogs look very pleased with this change too! :woot2:


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Love little creeks like that, they are so picturesque! Looks like the dogs loved the experience too, especially Asha biting at the water.


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What a beautiful hike. Wish I could jump right into the first picture and disappear for some time.