Help! 5 month old Doberman will not let us post ears anymore


We’ve been posting our 5.5 month old Doberman’s ears since he was 11 weeks old. We’re using the backer rod method with zonas tape and everything was going well. Now, he WILL NOT keep the posts in. We’ve tried everything with distractions but he will not stop digging his head into the ground and thrashing on the ground and scratching until the posts break in half or pop out. We’re adhering it to the ear and letting the glue stick, all the things that were working before. Any tricks for this behavior? His ears look healthy with a tiny bit of hair loss and pink skin which has been normal. At this point I think we might have to put a cone on him but that sounds just terrible

It seems something might have started to irritate him. That could be one possible cause.

Another scenario that comes to mind is: Could he have happened to accidentally gotten them to come out one day through rough play or catching them on something (I hope you don't still use a bridge at this age) and this made him more aware of them, and realize that it's possible to get them out? Often, you don't want these smart, willful animals to become aware of things.

How to keep them in? Hmm. You might want to resort to a cone at least while you try to think of another tactic. Maybe you can have the cone on him while you can't keep an eye on him, and have the cone off him when you can.

I know your pup is not mature yet, but could you verbally get him to not rub his head on the floor or paw at the ears? I have a rule that Oji is not allowed to rub his head on our rugs in the house. He will always try to do it (Grrrrrr) after coming out of his crate, but if I tell him not to, he will not do it.
I wonder also about the molefoam method.

I know there is the half-post method as well. Is that in case the dog is irritated by the posts down in the ears? In a way I could see this having a chance to work for this boy, but at the same time, if he is used to removing them, these would be even easier to remove.
It does sound like an infection or something else going on if he's been tolerating them and this suddenly started. It sound like you're going about it the right way so I'm not even sure what to suggest other than having the vet check him for infection.