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Height concerns or dont need to worry...?


I am here with question about height, ofc it is genes, but i saw one parent only, mother, she was about pup size now, but he is a male, 10 months old, Clyde. Now he is 66 cm shoulder. Since childhood we had bunch of pooping/stomach problems, so i am worrying that he is not so big cuz of it, can it be the reason? I don't think he will get higher. I was feeding him a lot mostly, but we needed very often all this rice-chicken diets all the time, i was giving him vitamins though, now last 2 months, he is finally stable, eating special veterinary granules + taste of wild. But what do you think, is this height ok? Can he grow bigger still? I don't mind much, but still. Also added some pic, to ask what would u say about his posture, if is more or less proportional.


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I don't see anything to worry about. He may not get much taller, but he will continue to fill out up to 18 months to 2 years. He looks rather long-legged, but his body should fill out more. Is he intact or neutered? Early spay and neuter can make dogs longer legged in proportion to their body. Pretty boy!


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Looks good to me.

Don’t forget that a Doberman is a medium size dog.

The oversized Dobermans are not of the norm or standard. And also, they can have more health issues- so big is not always better.


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26” to 28” is standard for males. Once he fills out in the next year or so he will be a compact powerhouse.
Has he been neutered? If not I would wait until 2-3yrs of age before considering it.
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Oh Little Oji

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Seems pretty normal to me. He may grow, in my opinion, taller by up to an inch in the next handful of months. That's not for certain of course. What is pretty certain is that he will fill out, putting on some girth. His proportions look typical of a leggy, immature dog.

Love his handsome expression.


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But I would hold off Spay/Neuter. Early Spay/Neuter does affect Bone Growth Plates and joints of Large Breed dogs. Because the loss of Testosterone can delay the closure of Bone Growth Plates causing a dog to grow taller and maybe joint problems.

Bone Growth Plates close at different times. Usually 14-18mo most will close. But some take longer.

If you intend to Spay/Neuter I would do it after 18mo. Also if you decide on to neuter look in to a Vasectomy instead of a Traditional Neuter. Same with a Female Spay. Look in to a Modified Spay.
This why they will keep these important hormones.

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