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Groundwork/ Schutzhund/Puppy/Newbie Handler-Help!

Discussion in 'Schutzhund and Ring Sports' started by Anunukai, Aug 27, 2010.

  1. Anunukai

    Anunukai Member

    I am considering doing schutzhund with my dobergirl.She is my first doberman puppy.I have no clue how to go about getting involved and laying the groundwork training for her. She is still quite young (Only 12 weeks old) but is fearless, confident, determined and more intense than I have ever seen in a puppy.She definatly will need a job and an outlet for her intensity and energy.I have allways wanted to do schutz, just never came across the right dog.I think she may be the one.

    Basicly,I want to know how to do groundwork training and how to build her up to excel at schutz? I am going to start her in obediance classes once she gets her rabies vax (we have 1 more puppy set + rabies to go)

    Do I need to look for a specific style of obediance training? (positive reinforcement,correction styles,etc)Any additional training that is needed/reccomended?????

    Should I get/do I need a CGC title before planning to begin with schutz?

    What health testing should be done for a working dog,to assure safety and health for such a purpose?? (hips,elbows,etc)

    If all checks out and she has a CGC....where do I go from here???

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  2. DoUrden

    DoUrden Novitiate

    1. I first recommend reading the following book: Schutzhund Obedience, Training in Drive http://www.dogwise.com/ItemDetails.cfm?ID=dgt151
    2. If you feel you MUST enroll in an obedience class (AKC/UKC Club style), I recommend nothing more than super simple puppy class. Formal OB may be detrimental to the drive of your puppy at this age.
    3. Find a local SchH club! NOW! Start with them, NOW! THEY will be your backbone for all training. You can find links to some of the major orgs here: http://www.doberman-chat.com/showthread.php?t=7685 Post #3 - I've listed several links to different orgs to look for clubs in your area.

    PLEASE don't jump straight into OB classes!!!!!
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  3. Penkeepe

    Penkeepe Member

    and, one more thing, when she shows that drve by jumping and getting nippy or bitey you must learn to REDIRECT her DO NOT CORRECT. If you get tired of it, which does happen :), calmly put her in her crate so you can relax. Crates are very important to the woking dog.

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  4. Anunukai

    Anunukai Member

    Thanks guys. This is what we are doing ''right now''.....if I am making any mistakes,feel free to point me in the right directions here......

    She is enrolled in an 8wk ''puppy class'' for socialisation and basic obediance(class starts sept 20th and runs for 8wks). The trainer is aware I will be considering this pup for schutz.(she is a dog trainer/breeder of AKC GSD)We have been letting her get conditioned with walks,and running for about an hour offleash at my dads acreage.She plays with my adult dogs as well.We have been redirecting her mouthing to a rope toy or tug.We have been playing tug games and allowing her to win 99% of the time.Praising her for biting on the tug and encouraging her when she is gripping the tug to hold on and stay on.She is then able to ''win'' the tug with much praise.We are exposing her to alot of differant places,sounds,animals,people and surfaces.

    We will start crate training her soon. Anything I have missed or need to do?????
  5. Apollo

    Apollo Novitiate

  6. DoUrden

    DoUrden Novitiate

    Move crate training up to today. ;)
    Also, when playing tug, if she does not have a FULL grip, ease up on the pressure to get her to re-grip fully! THEN she wins! This teaches them to bite into the 'badguy' instead of being content with shoddy, frontal bites that can damage their mouths later in life.
    You may also want to introduce '2 balls' for outside play time (NO guys! That's NOT what I meant!!!) You toss 1 tennis ball and let her chase it to catch it. When she has it, call her back to you while showing her ball #2. Encourage her to bring the first ball back to you then drop it BEFORE you throw ball #2. Repeat. Before you know it she will be flying by you, spitting out the ball way in advance and the momentum will have it rolling to your feet while she is retrieving ball #2. Initially though, be prepared to do a lot of walking...LOL
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  7. Pitts

    Pitts Hot Topics Subscriber

    where are you doing a socialization obedience class at?
    as a SchH trainer and handler I would not suggest this step. If you truly want to do the sport with your dog, then you need to go ahead and find a club in your area and go out there, they will help you and teach you how to start with your pup, you do NOT need to start obedience of any type at this age.
  8. Lord

    Lord Jr Member

    Well he can do "obedience" or more like the basics of obedience iin a club. Like to look and follow you but thats about. If you do this AKC style ob you will make a mistake
  9. Anunukai

    Anunukai Member

    Ok. So don't do the obediance class then???? Can someone help me locate a good schutz club in my area?? my zip is 16602 (altoona,Pa). Central Pa Shutzhund Club is the closest I found myself,and its 3 hours away.(in Harrisburg) I am not sure we can travel 6 hours to get to and from training. Does anyone know one closer to me?????
  10. Pitts

    Pitts Hot Topics Subscriber

  11. Anunukai

    Anunukai Member

    Ok.I have found 2 clubs. One is Central Pa Schutzhund Club out of Harrisburg,Pa.The other is West Penn Schutzhund Club. out of Washington,Pa.

    This is the one I prefer.(West Penn) Lots of titled dogs,a tad closer,reasonable dues. Sent in a query regaurding the doberman breed since most of the dogs titled are shepherds(dutch or GSD).

  12. DoUrden

    DoUrden Novitiate

    Excellent! They are open to dobes as they are not listed as breed specific. Since they advertise as being open, why don't you swing by on saturday and check them out? I would leave the pup at home for now though, just till you can get a feel for the people there and see how they handle club day.
    Good luck and keep us posted!!!
  13. Anunukai

    Anunukai Member

    DoUrden We will be checking more into them,for sure!!!! I do have an email query in,and I will likely hear back from them soon.
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