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GDV and elevated bowls

jim g

I'm looking for some input on elevated bowls. I've read somewhere they may contribute to GDV and also read
there is no data to support that statement. I already use a puzzle bowl since day one and I limit play and exercise
one hour before and after a meal. Just looking for some opinions on this.


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Like you, I've seen no conclusive reports either way. I put the bowl on the floor & no exciting exercise for 2 hours after eating.


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There are arguments both ways on it so I don't have a clue either. We don't use raised bowls but I've known a few people who do with no problems.


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We use raised bowls because our breeder recommended it, but then I heard the argument that dogs don't eat off tables in the wild, which not only produces a funny image but it's accurate. Since Kaiser is used to a table, I put his food there, but I also occasionally put his food bowl on the ground and haven't noticed any difference in terms of swallowing more air (his burping activity is pretty consistent for his diet lol). Ultimately, I think not exercising the dog before and after eating is the more important detail.

I've read somewhere they may contribute to GDV and also read
there is no data to support that statement.
It would be nice if they would research GDV amongst deep chested breeds only. I think the deep chest is a major contributor to this problem.


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We feed elevated because Ripley had knuckling issues as a puppy and it helped her stand up on her toes to eat instead of legs sprawled out to lean down. Have kept feeding her that way since. I've seen nothing conclusive so far... I also stick to no eating 1 hour before or after exercise.