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Fun PUPPY contest.....

Discussion in 'Contests' started by DoUrden, Mar 23, 2010.

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  1. Jotunheim

    Jotunheim Jr Member

    Thanks for the update - was long waited :)

    I for one, do not think or believe that she will carry full time - saturday or sunday, no longer .... time will tell :sonn_u11:

  2. DoUrden

    DoUrden Novitiate

    DLS, I tend to agree with you. You should see them in there when they rolll...LOL
    Poor girl is taking it all in stride though.
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  3. swiftK9s

    swiftK9s Hot Topics Subscriber

    After seeing how huge she is and her lack of appetite, I am going to change my guess to April 23..12 pups 7 male/5 female.. 7PM. Thanks very much for the update...wishing her a smooth delivery and a whole load of rolly polly healthy pups. :D
  4. DLS

    DLS Notable member

    Boy, when she starts having them, they are just gonna shoot out of there from all the pressure!! Hope you have a catchers mitt ready!!!!:)
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  5. Damasyn

    Damasyn Novitiate

    ughhh.. maybe get a kiddie pool with mild temp water and let her lay down...water will help take the weight off the belly...LMAO omg

    Oh and Dede.....where did you get her collar...i love it !
  6. BreesMom

    BreesMom Novitiate

    And not too big at all.......I am sure she is gonna fill it :)
  7. Ingrid H

    Ingrid H Hot Topics Subscriber $ Forum Donor $

    OMG! Poor Hlin! All I can say is "WOW"
  8. Apollo

    Apollo Novitiate

    i agree with B, she wont hold that long anymore :)
    ok back to my first guess night from april 22nd to april 23rd
    11pups 6 females 5 males
  9. BreesMom

    BreesMom Novitiate

    Would like to change my guess to

    a) number of pups 13

    b) 8 females, 5 males

    c) date of whelping April 24

    d) time of first delivery 4:30 am
  10. lady Dobie

    lady Dobie Notable member

    she is so gorgeous... she looks pretty pregnant... what a sweetheart
  11. DoUrden

    DoUrden Novitiate

    Although he's not entered in the contest, my b/f wanted me to list his guess...
    April 26th
    10 pups
    6 males
    4 females
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  12. JstLovesErnie

    JstLovesErnie Notable member

    April 28 - time (12 hours after the time she was bred i.e. if it was 2 PM it will be 2AM that the first puppy is born)
    3/4 girls and boys
  13. Apollo

    Apollo Novitiate

    come on HLIn tomorrow is the 23rd, we have a deal girl LMAO
    you know Aunti Tina want it so bad :p
  14. FredC

    FredC Guest

    haha nothing like putting it out there tina. ;) i get desperate from time to time to but gheese. you might want to try friend finder or something. ;)

    ---------- Post added at 11:22 AM ---------- Previous post was at 11:20 AM ----------

    ok going by her size i predict she is in whelp right now with 39 puppies all males. ;)
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  15. DLS

    DLS Notable member

    Well, by my calculations and psychic abilities!!! heehee, She only has a little over 48 hours to go!!!!!!! Big Hugz to the Mommy to be!!!!
  16. DLS

    DLS Notable member

    A little over 24 hours to go!!!!:) I can see that first pup thinkin' about movin' into position!!!!:)
  17. Apollo

    Apollo Novitiate

    come on Hlin girl, aunti Tina is waiting, its time to get them out LOL
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  18. MyBuddy

    MyBuddy Moderator Hot Topics Subscriber

    :sign0139: Men! What do they know!? :giggle:
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  19. Panama

    Panama Hot Topics Subscriber

    My goodness she's BIG.....

    a. The number of puppies in total -10
    b. The number of males/females - 6 males, 4 females
    c. The date of whelping - April 24
    d. And finally, as a tie-breaker, the time of the first delivery - 11:45pm

    Von...... 39? Chi's maybe!!!
    Someone said a herd of calves.... LOL... I'm thinkin' maybe a nice black/rust foal!
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  20. Penkeepe

    Penkeepe Member

    First born at 7:54 pm on 4-23-2010 - Black Male

    Zarek's first US litter is here!!!!

    At 10:00 pm we have 2black males and 2 black females weighing in at between 13.7 and 17.5 ounces.

    Update in the morning.

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