Fun informative AKC scent work video with voice-over


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This is the highest level in AKC called Detective. Indoors, Outdoors, large spaces & small rooms, unknown number of hides and at least one blank area. Areas are defined by the little cones, so you know when your dog is out of bounds, but other than that, you are on your own. Time is set by the judge, usually about 15 minutes, but the only way you know the time is to carry your own stopwatch, they don't call a 30 second warning like in the lower levels. You can call Finish too soon and NQ or comb the area and push the clock or risk false alerts - this dog began doing that in the blank room, but handler knew his dog well enough to know it wasn't a true alert. He admitted he spent too much time in there, but hindsight on a video is 20/20. Anyhow, fun to watch & learn if anyone has interest in AKC scent work!

(I do not know the person or dog in the video)

Interesting! I took some video of Chase (K9 officer here in town) last fall doing a demo and if you remember, he won America's Top Dog in 2020 or 2021.

Chase on scent close.JPG

Our club is going to be doing a nose work seminar this spring or summer and they asked if we preferred ground zero or for dogs with experience. Of course I said ground zero since all we have left is a pup and there just isn't a lot of nose work training in this area.