Freyja brag…


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Big Easter Sunday today with over 20 people over and Freyja is being fantastic…

Those of you that know me know that I train and put time in my Dobermans not for competition but to have a well rounded disciplined companion. I believe my Doberman is a reflection of me and so my worry is Freyja acting uncontrolled, running around goosing people in the crotch or knocking someone over in the kitchen.

(Jumping thoughts here: 98% of the time I do not have Freyja collared. The times I do put any collar, be it a flat/prong/ECollar, it is time to train or do something that involves obedience to my command. I call her to me, put her flat collar on and she runs to the truck waiting to go.)

This morning I was getting everything ready and people started showing up- I was outside, Freyja was inside. I went inside and Freyja was everywhere acting loose- not use to the commotion in her house. I really did not want to crate her or shut her in a room- she is part of our family. I immediately searched for the ECollar for I didn’t want her acting crazy from the over stimulation. I knew without a doubt, she would be good with the ECollar on. The ECollar was dead so I put it on charge and grabbed her purple flat collar. As soon as I put her flat collar on, a switch clicked in her and she stayed at my side. If I told her to sit place, she stayed in her place, etc… Outside during our yearly driveway pickle ball tournament, she did not venture on and attack the ball.

It is so relieving to me that she performed with the flat collar amongst all the people. The ECollar controller in my hand and collar around her neck gives off a vibe that she has to be shocked to be controlled. People don’t understand that it is a very useful tool.

Many of the guest asked about her and wanted to know how long and how hard it was to train her this way. I even explained to a couple of them the history of Herr Doberman and how the Doberman came to being.

She was so good and impressive and I am extremely proud of her.

Just had to send out that brag…


As you've said a million times: You get back all the effort and training that you put into your Doberman! Great job, happy dog, guests have fun and are impressed. What more could you ask?
Fantastic job Freyja! I am sure you feel so proud of how she did today. You put the time in and it is paying off. Lovely to hear this story! She is looking good too - strong and fit!
Nice job, dd!

My training goal too:
"that I train and put time in my Dobermans not for competition but to have a well rounded disciplined companion."
She is gorgeous....LOVE to hear these stories! This breed is so amazing when you put the time into helping them become a fantastic companion. Well Done!!!! Sounds like a great day! (I love when non dobe people are totally impressed with these dogs!!!)
That is a great brag, but I'm not surprised she did so well, you train and train to perfection! She looks great and it's even better when they behave so well around all the excitement and distraction of guests.