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Discussion in 'Raw & Home Cooked Diets' started by Jaxsonsma, May 18, 2020.

  1. Jaxsonsma

    Jaxsonsma Novitiate

    My boy has been on Acana for about two years now. He’s been on several different brands including what the vet recommended and he’s had bad reactions to everything. Acana he’s been doing better. Still issues but mainly environmental allergies. He still has some awful gas. I’d love to feed raw and been searching for recipes for it. There’s so many I don’t know which ones to do. Chicken and beef are a no go for him. Is it ok to feed some raw in with his kibble? Or would that make things worse? He recently had major surgery for eating 3 socks. And since all that seems he’s more sensitive to food. Vet said this this could happen. I am at a loss on what to feed him. But if adding some raw if could help him i’m will to try anything. I give him omega supplements and sardines once in a while. Are there recipes anyone could share that has helped? Every year around this time he’s skin is horrible. Vet just tells me to give Benadryl.

  2. Lizbeli

    Lizbeli $ Premium Subscriber $ Hot Topics Subscriber

    Hm sounds like a tough situation. I can’t give any help on recipes for raw. However there are a couple different models you can choose from that have guidelines for the ratio of meat, organ and bone. Some models include veggies, others just raw meat. It takes a heck of a lot of research to make a balanced meal from scratch. You could always by premade raw meals to start, but it can be very expensive.

    But no, do not MIX raw with kibble in the same meal. Kibble digests differently and from my understanding, raw needs a hight PH in the gut. You could however feed one meal kibble, and his second meal raw. Just don’t mix.

    Still, its most important that your boy is getting all the vitamins he needs at proper ratios when feeding raw. Whether that be with the right types and ratios of meat, or adding the right dosage of several minerals.
  3. Antman408

    Antman408 $ Forum Donor $

    Raw chicken and beef raw will react differently in your dog than kibble. I cannot feed my guy a rabbit, lamb, fish or anything other than beef based kibble without loose stool. However I can feed any of those proteins raw and he’s fine.

    because you’re very unfamiliar with raw and if that’s what you want to
    Feed. I recommend seeking out someone who can make you a meal plan as you need to balance the meals to get all the nutrients your guy needs.

    there’s also premade raw you can buy online or at the store. (Instinct, primal, we feed raw and some other brands.)

    however if you don’t want to feed raw I highly recommend Natures Logic, I occasionally feed kibble and when I do I feed that brand. Specifically the beef blend.
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  4. strykerdobe

    strykerdobe Hot Topics Subscriber

    Well one thing to consider is maybe its not the meat protein in the foods. It could be some of the other ingredients in the Kibble.
  5. Philgas66

    Philgas66 New Member

    When we got our lad Odie at 5 months old his poops were so sloppy, like Mr Whippy ice cream and my god when he let one go we had to open all the windows and doors..His gas was that bad you could taste it..I hoped it was moving to a new home which might have upset him and needed a few days to settle in..
    Well after about 3 weeks I decided to put him on a raw food diet..Within 3 days his poops became solid and the gas mask has now gone back into storage..

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