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Food for Skin Problems/Allergies


Hello, I’m new here and I don’t know if I’m doing this thread or forum thing right or not so I apologize in advance. I have lots of concerns for my Dobie but I don’t know if everyone wants it to be in one post since it would be a very long post but I’ll just start with his skin or fur and allergies. I have a two year intact old red Doberman who has skin problems. His fur is constantly coming out, clear discharged from his nose and sneezes here and there (telling you this since I think its allergies). He use to have bad dandruff which isn’t as bad as it was before but sometimes comes back a little. I had tried coconut oil in food and skin for the dandruff (stopped doing it) but has gone away now and is replaced with the fur lost. The fur lost isn’t to the point where he has patches of skin showing, the fur lost is just very noticeable thing when petting him. I have tried hypo-allergenic grooming wipes and deodorizing spritz from earth bath to help keep his fur conditioned. I had been feeding him Taste of the Wild; High Prairie which I had heard can be feed to dogs who have allergies. He’s been on it for a year now and none of these symptoms or problems have gone away. I have considered RAW or BARF feeding as I know this could help this and other problems but I just can’t find an online store or place near me that I can buy items in bulk and I’m very confused on how to start. I’m wondering if anyone knows an allergy sensitive kibble that could help improve his skin/fur? Also, would love to know if there’s a post on how to start RAW feeding or online stores that people use. Just wanted to say I have tried fromm dog food before I stayed with taste of the wild. I have also heard of fish oil in food..?


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:welcome: from Missouri!
I think you are going to need to see a Vet to help you you figure this out. Allergies, if this is what's going on, can be a challenge to figure out. There just so many possibilities between food and the environment.
I think some of the more common allergens in food are chicken, beef, lamb, eggs, soy, corn and wheat along with more. If you talking about an environmental allergy, the list is almost endless. It could be anything from fleas, grass, detergent, the shampoo you are using on him.........the list goes on.
I would start with eliminating the most common things in food and go back to basics with cleaning supplies and use hypoallergenic shampoos and detergents. Pay special attention when he's been outside. Is he worse after laying in the grass? Keep notes because that will only help you and your Vet get this figured out. And by all means start with having his thyroid checked.
Good luck and I hope you get this figured out because your boy has to be miserable.