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Fly High


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A lot of the pictures seem to be broken but... Today we remember Java as it was a year ago today that her journey on earth was complete. I do miss that dog. She was truly something else when it came to high drive. Wish she was here to give Ripley a run for her money lol. We were already on Melissa's waiting list and had planned to have 3 dogs. In a way, it is a blessing, as Ripley takes up a lot of my time but I know Java would have taught her a lesson or two and I can only hope a bit of her lives on in Ripley. I'm reminded of Java everytime Ripley goes on incessant vocalizing or whining routines. 🙄😆





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Didn't see this thread before. Beautiful. ♥️
Makes you sort of speechless.


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Wow, a year already... :sorrow:

Java has always been a big part of this board and she'll live on in our hearts.