Flea and tick prevention

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I know that the spray called Wondercide is good. The active ingredients are essential oils, and the product is considered non-toxic. I've even used it on myself.

I did recently learn the hard way though that if that's all you're using to keep fleas away, you probably have to make sure you're applying it regularly enough. I was on a self-devised program of just applying some before I took Oji into a situation where I was concerned there might be fleas or ticks. Well, this summer we had to fight through a flea problem. I do think that this past summer was bad in terms of bugs and I wonder if that's why I finally experienced fleas for the first time.


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Here's one thread on it.
We personally use Nexgard chewables but it's not totally natural.


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I've used the Seresto collar for years on all my critters and never had an issue. No, it's not "natural" but at least it's not an internal, systemic product. Erlichia is rampant here and I'm not willing to take the risk.


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I did buy some Wondercide. I'll let you know how it works. I did have Dante on something, sorry can't remember the name. Topical I believe. And he had his 4dx done. The heartworm and tick blood work annual check. HE TESTED POSITIVE FOR ANAPLASMOSIS. I was so shocked. He never showed any signs. Since he was on a preventative. I called the company that makes the product. They told me, "oh we only guarantee prevention of Lyme disease". Are you kidding me. What about all the other tick borne diseases. Don't have alot of faith in those products.