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feeding 3 months puppy


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hi how much should i feed my 3 month doberman puppy

now am feeding him 3 meals a day
one cup every meal but some one told me its so much


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A lot is going to depend on your pups activity level as well as the contents of the food your feeding also.

1 cup - 3x a day is about what I started my pups on and adjusted from there. She just turned 5 mo, and she's up to 4 1/2 cups per day (spread across 3 meals), because she is a lot more active & growing like crazy.
now am feeding him 3 meals a day
one cup every meal but some one told me its so much
That's definitely not too much. As stated, they all vary and I adjust according to their condition and activity level.
Tbh, there are many factors to consider with this:
-type of food
-it’s content (protein% fat%, etc…)
-activity level
-how often you feed

He will definitely scarf up anything you put in front of him. With a young Doberman, it is hard to tell because they are still growing into their skin. At a young age, I thought Ragnar was overweight/fat but it was actually skin folds.

I didn’t understand or get it at first when folks told me- it all depends on his shape and how he looks. If he has fat rolls and looks too thick then you need to cut back. If you see hip bone, backbone or many ribs then he is too thick, feed more.

A general rule is that you need to see a faint outline of his back rib, needs to look tight and fit and have an abdominal tuck.

I would generally cut Ragnar’s feeding by half of a plastic cup if I felt he was too heavy. It would only take 10-14 days before I notice a difference in his shape. Freyja has always held a tight, clean shape.

Remember that a lean, strong, quick Doberman is better to have than a 95-100lb bull who cannot move as they are supposed to. Being overweight shortens their lifespan- it is bad for the joints and bad for their heart.

A young Ragnar with loose skin. He was extremely active- no way he was overweight.

I think Ragnar is a little overweight here.

Here, he is at a better weight. You can
see his abdominal tuck.

Freyja at a young age with skin folds

Freyja has a good abdominal tuck here and you can see faint back rib.