Fake service dogs


I deal with this first hand at work. People abusing ESA pets as Service Animals.

I have my dog registered under ESA and I am responsible to ensure she doesn't inconvenience my neighbors although I am protected under ESA laws which fall under Fair Housing Act in California.

I would NEVER try to pass my dog as a Service Animal for any reason. Its a disservice to my disabled patrons and veterans and the nation.

There are many irresponsible people who seek advantages in everything without considering who it affects.

Anyway, at work, as long as the animal is cooperative and calm, I don't care if it is a service animal or ESA. Some ESA behave just as good as service animals.

ADA laws are really grey when trying to enforce them. Specific questions you can ask. Ask the wrong one and you can be sued.


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ADA laws are really grey when trying to enforce them. Specific questions you can ask. Ask the wrong one and you can be sued.

Not sure I would call them gray. There are 2 questions you can ask. Seems simple enough to me. I would think an employer could make copies of them right from the ADA website.

On a good note Missouri is taking a stab at stopping fake service dogs
Fake service animals could be collared under bill approved by Missouri Senate


Soldiers from Fort Leonard Wood Pvt. Price Israel (center), 23, and Pvt. Beau Marshall, 21, both of Reno, Nev., stop to pet Rip, a 9-year-old Golden Retriever service dog, at Lambert-St. Louis International Airport on Wednesday, Dec. 21, 2016. Thousands of soldiers from Fort Leonard Wood were expected to pass through Lambert as they make their way home for the holidays. Also pictured is Lon Lowrey, of St. Louis, a USO volunteer. Photo by Cristina M. Fletes, [email protected]

JEFFERSON CITY — The Missouri Senate took steps Thursday to curb the proliferation of fake service animals.

On a 28-1 vote, the Legislature’s upper chamber approved a plan to impose penalties on people who use phony emotional support animals.

Sen. Eric Burlison, R-Springfield, cast the lone “no” vote.

It’s not the first time the Missouri Legislature has debated the subject, but it follows efforts by airlines and communities to rein in the growing number of people traveling, shopping and dining in restaurants with a variety of animals.

Legitimate users of animal assistants say the rise in the number of fake support animals has made it harder for them to find acceptance for their trained companions in stores and other public places.

“These types of service dogs help veterans. It also puts forth some reasonable regulations to stop fake service animals,” said Sen. Denny Hoskins, R-Warrensburg, who sponsored the legislation.

Under the federal Americans With Disabilities Act, restaurants and other businesses are required to allow service dogs and miniature horses — the only two animals recognized as service animals — in areas open to the public.

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Drives me bonkers when I hear someone say their dog is a "service dog", yet for an entire hour (or better) all you hear is....

Stop, here, would you just lay down, sit, get outta there, leave that alone, get off me..... on & on & on.


Aren't business and restaurants allowed to ask even service dogs to leave if they're interrupting business or creating a scene or generally being unsafe in the environment?

Maybe next time you should tell them that? It might 1) help create better receptions for you and other service dogs/owners, and 2) help keep fake service dogs out of places they're not trained to be in..


Businesses can ask someone with a service dog to leave if they are uncontrolled or a clear threat ie growling, snapping.

People abuse the existence of ESAs and Service Dogs all the time to the endless headache of those of us who truly need one.

Much of the ADA regulations on SDs are unclear. There is no requirement for registration or proof of training. No one should have to disclose medical information but I will happily register my SD if it cuts abuse and makes things easier. I picked Dobermans as a breed to look at after a ton of research because it’s a good fit for my lifestyle and the assistance I need. Labs and Goldens are great dogs but they aren’t right for me.


Even with no proof of training required, I would think growling and snapping is proof enough that an animal is clearly not a service dog.
I agree to a point. Even a service dog will growl or act in a seemingly aggressive manner if in enough pain. My point is proof of training or registration after passing appropriate testing would simplify the problems caused by people who falsely claim their dog as an SD for both businesses and owners of actual SDs and SDs in training.