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European Puppy Needed & Wanted


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As many of you know, Mars my service Dobie passed away last week. There is simply no way to replace him and I’m not even going to try. He was my 3rd service dog in 28 years, the other 2 retired and were rotated in and out.

But now I find myself needing a new service dog and after having Mars I know for a fact that a European Dobie is what I want and need. Mars was chosen for me by friends and I had little time to even think about having a Dobie before he was on the job. Man was he ready too. The perfect service dog in every way except his flirting with the ladies.

I don’t know any of the breeders so looking for help. The Dobie pup needs to come from a working line with a very even temperament, good stature and a playfulness (oh wait all dobies are playful). I don’t mind if he’s a little large, Mars was 110 lbs and 31 inches at the withers but he doesn’t have to be that big. I figure if it’s a strong working line then the intelligence to train for tasks needed will be there along with the drive to complete them.

Any and all recommendations and experiences with breeders is appreciated. Please, no backyard breeders or puppy mills. I need a puppy that will grow into a true service dog capable of being off lead in public at times and monitoring how I’m breathing both asleep and awake is why I’m being so picky.

Thanks guys and Mars appreciates your help too.


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needs to come from a working line with a very even temperament,
This may be hard to come by, depending on what kind of work the lines are geared to. Some working line are strongly defensive down to their very core and it becomes difficult to out-train their genetics to accept all strangers as good people if you need help in an emergency. Did you get Mars as a puppy & do the training yourself or did he come to you as a trained service dog? Can you ask for referrals from where Mars came from? You are probably already aware that most Service dog trainers don't favor the Doberman breed. It takes a special one for sure. I wish you the best on your quest, I'd love to see more Dobes in the Service Dog world.

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Aw, look at noble Mars there. I can see the height to that body.

Well, I don't have any experience with using a dog as a service dog except for that my first Doberman I trained to do a lot of things including picking up things I dropped or wanted picked up and handed to me. He also could carry plastic bags of groceries up the stairs to my apartment, carry the odd toolbox, cooler, or gallon of milk home from the store. Oh, and get me a beer from the fridge. He was from what one might call a hobby breeder. I got very fortunate with him, as in my youth and inexperience I simply picked up a newspaper and found one of the least expensive Dobermans for sale ($300!). He was my once in a lifetime dog. He was very trainable and biddable and capable, yet not from any appreciable or identifiable show or working lines. I think there was one champion in his four generation pedigree.

My next two Dobes have been from working lines withe the Schutzhund and IPO titles in the pedigrees. You know what you want, but it would seem to me that a Dobe not from working lines would make a better service dog candidate. I think that just about all Dobermans out there have the trainability and biddability to do whatever you want and need in terms of service. Now, not all of them have what it takes to step up and fulfill a protection role. Maybe that's why you are seeking working lines. ? Oh, also, hardcore working Dobermans tend to run smaller and less impressive looking.

Anyway, I guess you didn't ask for my advice on all that.


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I think you will have a hard time finding a European breeder stateside that health tests and would have a breeding that would be suitable for service dog work, especially if they are of true working nature with a strong protective instinct and high drive. You might be more successful to open yourself up to look for any breeder that has had their puppies go on to do service work successfully. I don't think working line would be the direction to go for service dog work. Most NA dobermans will be biddable to do the work of a service dog without the over the top protection instinct, just comes down to picking the confident puppy that isn't body shy, noise shy etc and put through proper training tailored to what your needs are.