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European Breeder Referral


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I plan to import a doberman puppy or young dog from Europe. Looking for a breeder that breeds for health and temperament. Please let me know if you have any kennel to recommend. I do not have preference about country.


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What kind of temperament? The show dogs, pet dogs & working dogs will have very different temperaments. Look for titles in the pedigree to show the breeder is involved with what they are breeding for. Health tests may differ or be called different names in different countries. Be sure they do current Holter and Echo tests on heart. These should be done on both parents within a year of breeding. Heart conditions can be fine one year and deteriorating the next and is inheritable so testing yearly is a must for reputable breeders.

I keep wondering why folks want to import from Europe when so many breeders in the US have European lines? (I'm not a breeder, not promoting any local breeders, just curious). I've read of many disappointments and no recourse with the distance and lack of communication.

Welcome to Doberman Chat, hope you find the puppy of your dreams!


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I know we have a few members who have imported from Serbia- although I cant recall the name of the Breeder offhand, I do know they are strong working lines. Have to agree with @Ravenbird though- i know of several US breeders who have excellent euro dogs. The one I plan to get my next pup from, her dogs are imported and also compete both in the US as well as in Europe, and I'm sure she's not the only one. You can definitely find strong Euro lines in the US as well!