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Emaciated Dobergirl, never seen anything as bad, 30lb

Discussion in 'Rescue & Adoption' started by Judith, Jan 1, 2012.

  1. Judith

    Judith Hot Topics Subscriber

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  2. JanS

    JanS DCF Owner Administrative Staff Moderator Hot Topics Subscriber

    Oh my gosh, that makes me want to vomit... Poor poor baby.

    Those :censored: asses need to have the same thing done to them, and I'm being very nice with my language... :mad:
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  3. Marinegeekswife

    Marinegeekswife Hot Topics Subscriber

    My God! How is she even still alive?!
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  4. pawpads

    pawpads Hot Topics Subscriber $ Forum Donor $

    That brought tears to my eyes! :down:
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  5. Dante's mom

    Dante's mom Jr Member

    This broke my heart how does a person let a dog get to this point? The owners should NEVER be able to have a pet again. There should be registered animal abuser lists!!
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  6. Katja Henriksen

    Katja Henriksen Forum Sponsor Site Sponsor

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  7. Maia_Dobie

    Maia_Dobie Member

    It's horrible, she have such a pretty face, I hope she can recover from all this and find a good home.
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  8. Panama

    Panama Hot Topics Subscriber

    WTH is wrong with some people? OMG! Then to just toss her from a vehicle... poor excuse for human beings! I hope they don't have any children!
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  9. zmchristopher

    zmchristopher Notable member

    Oh my god.
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  10. Amber

    Amber Hot Topics Subscriber

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  11. Dante's mom

    Dante's mom Jr Member

    I have not been able to stop thinking about this poor girl! Ok I am sure we can all agree that the owners are scum and deserve the worst life can give them but here is what has stayed on my mind. HOW did someone else not see this and stop it! Anyone! A family member, friend, neighbor, mailman.... someone! If I saw this happening I would have physically taken the dog or caused them so much grief they would have surrendered the dog!:machinegun:
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  12. Rits

    Rits Admin Administrative Staff Moderator Hot Topics Subscriber

    Reminds me of Miracle. I hope she can slowly recover and blossom into the beautiful girl she is.
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  13. JanS

    JanS DCF Owner Administrative Staff Moderator Hot Topics Subscriber

    Yes, Miracle really was a miracle and the last I heard she's living a very happy and fulfilled life in her new forever home. I really hope the same happens for this poor girl, and none of it could be possible without the generous rescues who take them into their hearts and souls. :thumbsup:

    It sounds like this girl (Nicky) is up to 41# now so she's off to a promising start anyway.
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  14. Denissov43

    Denissov43 Notable member

    this girl is a walking skeleton.... but look at the pride in her carriage and stance and her determination of spirit! Look at the sparkle in her eyes!She must know she has been rescued! :sorrow:
    it is utterly amazing to me the will to live and the way that dogs manage to live every day in the moment! She can easily forget her hardships and move on and be a happy lovely beautiful pet to someone and never bear a hard feeling towards anyone.... IF ONLY we as HUMANS could do the same for each other...
    This is why I love dogs more than I love MOST humans!
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  15. Max Hawk

    Max Hawk Hot Topics Subscriber

    That is actually a wonderful idea. There are no words for someone who could do this to a poor innocent animal.
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  16. GennyB

    GennyB Moderator Hot Topics Subscriber

    This should be proof to our silly law makers that the problem is NOT the dogs, it is people like this!

    This just breaks my heart. I can't believe this girl can even stand up. And to think that this girl would walk up and lick the hand of the people that did this to her. My prayer will be that she finds some one that deserves that devotion, and someone without it finds these people.
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  17. Naturallyred

    Naturallyred Notable member

    Her eyes are so sweet and innocent. They still hold love in them even though someone didn't love her! Poor baby, wish I could help, but I have my Bohdan and I thought he was bad when I brought him home! She is needs people to love her the way she will love them!
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  18. MyBuddy

    MyBuddy Moderator Hot Topics Subscriber

    This has left me speechless.....it's so horribly sad I find it hard to comment. Takes my breath away. I agree with you guys in her stance, her eyes and carriage! That stood out to me as well and shows the Doberman Spirit! It's when I see things like this that I am so disappointed in the human race. I realize it's not everyone, but it's still so disappointing that even one person can be so un-compassionate towards an animal. And I also agree with where was everyone else on this? NO ONE saw this poor creature or tried to rescue her from the demons that had her? ugh, I hope she survives, thrives and finds a forever home and the love that she deserves!
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  19. Dante's mom

    Dante's mom Jr Member

    My ode to Nicky

    I am beaten but not broken as you can see from my stance,
    I've been starved but I'll gladly give you my love given half the chance.

    I won't hold against you what another did,
    I'll be loyal and sweet, your new dober-kid.

    My ribs are showing but I'm still full of pride,
    With eyes full of devotion I'll stay by your side.

    Will you look past the now to all I can be?
    I'll give you anything and everything...if only you'll love me!

    Your admirer,:love:

    I so wish I could get this girl she has touched me more than I can say!!!
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  20. Judith

    Judith Hot Topics Subscriber

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