Ears were standing great on their own for 3 weeks except mild pockets (I accepted them for what they were because she rips her tape off while I’m at work) but now one of them flopped. I re posted again tonight but I know when I get home tomorrow during my lunch break they will be ripped off again. At this point I feel like safety is more important than vanity. I don’t want her to hurt her ears doing that or ingesting the tape and getting sick. I have tried taping a little tighter as well as I used to be very paranoid about getting too tight and tended to tape too loose. Any thoughts or anyone else experience this? I don’t believe in letting a puppy live in a cone for sure. A puppy should get to be a puppy. But I feel like a bad mom because her ears aren’t perfect. To be honest as long as she’s happy and healthy that’s most important.


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Don't stop posting! Use liquid skin adhesive and pull up the ears as much as possible while seating the posts in the ears deep. She won't be able to get the posts off with that. ;) Torbots or Ostobond.


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Keep posting and as stated, if she won't leave them alone use surgical adhesive to keep them in place.

It's also important to use the right tape. Many use J & J Zona's and I personally use Kendall porous tape.