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To anyone having trouble posting their pups ears and having them pop out every single damn time- you are not alone
Today I finally figure out what I was doing wrong. I’m using the backer rod method. Here was what I did wrong
1. Make the posting long enough. It really needs to go in their ear canal.
2. Is you’re gonna use a cotton ball at the end of the post to make it comfortable for your dogs ear DO NOT make it so “fluffy” that it doesn’t go in his ear. It’ll pop right out.
3. I would really suggest bridging his ear with something strong and supportive. I use a coffee mixer or a chopstick and measure his ears. If you do this, make sure the small piece of wood is not being taped over your pups ears. This is really just to support the ears making sure they stay parallel and don’t point in at the top of his head.
4. I make 2 support. One at the top of his ears and one at the base of his head. If you see the picture the small piece of wood is toward the top of his ears.
5. The most crucial part that helped me..when you tape at the base have someone there to help you pull your Doberman post up against gravity. When you tape without pulling the posts up youre taping with droopy ears. You pulling them up and then taping a bridge will be 100x better because the bridge toward the base of the head will be supporting the ears while they’re as straight and high as can be. I hope that makes sense.
This is the best way I’ve found for my dog. He’s incredibly active and shakes his head like no other but the posts are in and his ears are doing great. Again, this is my own experience/opinion. Good luck!


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I make 2 support. One at the top of his ears and one at the base of his head.
I personally wouldn't use the top brace since they can catch it on so many things and they need to have control of their ears. Most of us even stop using the bottom brace after a few postings so they control more and build more muscle from the base.