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ear cropping

Discussion in 'Doberman Talk and Discussions' started by linx_linx, Jan 12, 2009.

  1. linx_linx

    linx_linx New Member

    I wanna have Cage's ears cropped but afraid it's to late to do it.
    is 3-4 months to hold to have them done?

  2. burlysoldier

    burlysoldier Member

    ear cripping

    hmm I'm gonna bump this so we get an answer , I sure dont know.. Anyone else?
  3. Silent

    Silent Novitiate

    ear cripping

    Depending on the dogs ear thickness, ear set and length of crop, crops done after 12wks are not always successful. Most information that I have seen puts the latest age at 12wks. Most crop younger than that. The only real way to know would be to take the pup to a good cropping vet and have them evaluate the pups chances based on the type of crop you desire.

    At 12wks you can generally expect to post longer than a pup cropped at a younger age. Up to a year of age and sometimes longer. It takes a lot of dedication especially for the longer crops.

    Personally I would prefer a dobe with natural ears than one that is cropped and flopped or with a very short cut. I know there are some who like the military crop but I personally don't.

    No one can really tell you on a forum, you need a experienced cropping vet who is honest enough to tell you if the odds are against the pup. There are some less than great vets who will crop without regard to how successful the results will be.
  4. kiaransimba

    kiaransimba New Member

    ear cripping

    I don't really know the answer but just keep in mind I know when APBT get crops most vets won't do it after a certain age.
  5. linx_linx

    linx_linx New Member

    ear cripping

    thanks everyone ill just leave him the way he is
  6. FredC

    FredC Guest

    Here is another problem with cropping ears after 12 weeks. Thats about the same time a puppy is learning how to use his hind leg to scratch. And at that age you would have a hard time getting your pup to leave those irrataded ears alone. and it would take forever and a day for them to heal properly. It was explained to me by my Vet that, that is the primary reason they will not crop after 12 weeks old.
  7. hrd2gt

    hrd2gt Well-Known Member

    Figure by then the cartilidge is probly set about then too..
  8. Faber

    Faber Jr Member

    I can't give you a real awnser, only a REPUTABLE vet whom does the procedue could.
    But, I can tell you what happens when they don't come out "quite right."
    -Faber was my first dobe. To me he was beautiful and often his ears would perk and he'd look great. But I don't think the vet did a great job, or he should have decided it was to late, or something somewhere went wrong. I'm disinclined to take blame for it as I busted my rear to do as instructed and take care of his ears the best I could.
    -I still remember being at the dog park and having someone come in from a distance and say, "Oh, I thought he was wearing a little hat!" As his ears would kind of fall together and in at times. My wife prefers the natural look anyway, so he would have been better off aparently, left alone. Matter of fact, natural is becoming popular it seems. I pesonally am just fine with natrual in others choice, I know a beautiful dobe when I see one. For myself I prefer cropped, I think that's the way they were meant to be in appearence.

    -The wonderful breeder of Shiloh (our second dobe) had ours done by someone she travels a good distance to go to, then stayed in touch and even came over to continure follow up checks on him. Thank God for both the breeders of our little one.

    -So my Faber (1st dobe) is often the butt of loving, playfull, and memory full jokes about his "not quite right" ears, even after he has left us.
    I'm not trying to discurage you, as I'm no reputable vet. Just trying to show you how interesting things can be when they don't look "quite right" and that many, many people (especially as of lately) enjoy the natrual, soft eared look alternative.
    -The only advice I have, really, is that if you are leaning toward wanting it done....to get someone trustworthy (weather your lucky enuff to have that close by or have to travel) and not waste much more time getting their opionion on doing it or not.
    -Good luck with your choice.
  9. deladobies

    deladobies Member

    wow... I never knew that was why V doom... Wow, learn something everyday on DC..hehe
  10. Miller Dobes

    Miller Dobes Novitiate

    We cropped our puppies ears at 10-12 weeks and they all stood. It is the earliest the vet will do them here. We crop because if we drop dead and my family doesn't take my dogs.......they will be placed easily. All fixed.

    Faber, you know when you see those dogs with ears that come together instead of stand straight. Sometimes it is because they keep the piece of tape holding them together too long. They don't teach ear cropping art in vet school...my vet told me it's an art.

    But you are right, the quicker you get them up, the quicker they stand.

    And I had prefer to have natural ears, than have the short pit bull type ears without a doubt.

  11. Faber

    Faber Jr Member

    maybe, maybe i kept it taped to long....i know i shur tried my rear off to do all i was told,
    lookn' back- i don't think the vet that did it was worth a darn at it.
    i could easily believe it's an art.

    Thank God our breeder took our current boy to her person and kept up with us afterward too.
  12. Silent

    Silent Novitiate

    Tipping in can also be a result of not pulling the pockets out while they are young enough and the cartilage is soft enough to reform. Once it starts to harden it is much harder to pull any pockets in them out.
  13. Faber

    Faber Jr Member

    appreciate that, learning more and more....
  14. burlysoldier

    burlysoldier Member

    Me too Faber. This IS an artform and though we are doing alot better than Zulu's brooklyn based big brother (right ear needs ALOT of work), everytime we post it is better and better. Thanks for sharing all the wisdom guys.
  15. diekrazy

    diekrazy Active Member

    I know this is a little off topic, but how's your pup doing after sucessfully beating the parvo? :D

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