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Dr. Kate Meurs Talking About DCM

Discussion in 'Doberman Health and News Articles' started by strykerdobe, Dec 17, 2018.

  1. strykerdobe

    strykerdobe Hot Topics Subscriber

    This video is about 1hr 20min long but very good info.
    With Dr. Kate M of the Veterinary Cardiac Genetic Lab of North Carolina

    Exclusive Dobermann was live.
    15 hrs

    Hi to all our followers and friends. In this first live cast We will introduce Dr. Kate M of the Veterinary Cardiac Genetic Lab of North Carolina in USA talking in very deep way about DCM, gens, ⚠ WRONG Inbreeding and general guidelines to follow up in case your dogs may be affected by DCM.

    ✅ The dilated cardiomyopathy is transmitted by hereditary transmission. The genetic gens as Dr. Kate will talk about in this livecast will go in details commenting on a pedigree example without to quote the names of involved Dogs.

    ❓ What you can do to escape from this nightmare? The first recommendation is never BUY dogs without to talk with a qualified genetic Veterinarian who can read involved dogs in pedigree and check the percentage of risk that can expose that puppies or adults you would like to buy. If you believe that you could be luck and trust simply what people may tell you, you can face in the risk to see your dog dies with DCM. It's up to your choice. I will be very active to block this nightmare saving other people to experience the same my nightmare experience.

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