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DPCA Rescue Auction


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Doberman Pinscher Club of America - Auction Items | BiddingForGood

DPCA Rescue Auction Donate Today
We are happy to announce that the 2017 DPCA Rescue Auction is open for preview and for donations. The auction itself will open for bidding on June 1st. The auction can be found at https://www.biddingforgood.com/DPCA.

Last year’s event raised over $12,000 to assist in our Club’s support of Doberman rescue groups across the United States. With some 17 groups now applying for assistance from the DPCA - for over 600 dogs per year – your support is needed more than ever.

If you have an item or items that you think could raise money for DPCA Rescue then you can simply go to the auction website and click the ‘Donate Item’ button. All you need is a short description of the item and a suggested value. A picture or two is always good and will help get higher bids. Any item, big or small, will be most welcome. A donated item doesn’t have to be Doberman or even dog related; just something that somebody might want to bid on! Take a look at the current items – they are diverse, in both style and value.

Alternatively, you may contact one of the helpers and they will post an item for you. Assistance is available from Cathy Kendrick (cameedobermans@charter.net), Gabby Hanna (gabbyhanna@comcast.net) or Angus Thom (dpcarescue@dpca.org).

Also please pass the word to all your Doberman-loving friends and neighbors. Let’s all make this a success for DPCA Rescue, and as always, get ready to BID HIGH & BID OFTEN!

On behalf of the DPCA Rescue Committee,

Angus Thom
Rescue Committee Chair