Why donate to Doberman Chat?

Doberman Chat Forum is not a money-making enterprise. All of our moderators and administrators are here as volunteers. We rely solely on donations from our dedicated users to survive. Doberman Chat gets thousands of visitors and hundreds of thousands of pageviews every month, which keeps our operating costs high, even with an all-volunteer staff. Your donation will go straight to our online account which is only used to pay bills and reinvest into the site's development. We will never use your donation for anything other than Doberman Chat.

Do I get anything for donating?

All features of Doberman Chat Community are open to all users for free. We do not require that you donate or pay monthly to use our site, and we never will. However, donors do receive some recognition and receive a Plaque indicating you as a Community Donor. All of our donors are also listed on this page so they can be recognized for contributing to the site..... You are all greatly appreciated..

How do I donate?

We accept donations through PayPal, which you can access by clicking on the button to the right, in the sidebar of the forum index page. You can use a major credit card or your checking account to send money through PayPal.

Thank you for considering a donation to Doberman Chat Forum.
Its never fun to beg for money and of course it will never be required however the site is getting more expensive to run by the year and its not really fair to expect the site owner to flip the bill month after month after month with little to no community support when the forum itself is never in the green and operated in the red 10 out of 12 months last year..

I also wanted to clear up some confusion about our sponsors.. Seems some are under the impression that they fund our operating expenses.. this couldn't be further from the truth.. Doberman Chat sponsors do not provide monetary support and simply provide contest prizes. Advertisements are typically Google ads that pay little to nothing but at this point is all we have to provide any monetary relief.

Your contributions are more vital than ever.. Please help us put Doberman Chat in the green for 2016.. if we could get 240 people to donate 5 dollars each our expenses would be covered for an entire year..

Your contributions also help keep the members area mostly advertisement free.. I don't think any of us wants Doberman Chat to look like another popular for profit Doberman Forum that's so loaded with Ads that its sometimes difficult to read the discussions...

My apologies for pandering.. This was done so without the forum owners consent because she wouldn't dream of asking for contributions however they are becoming increasingly urgent as we grow and donations are becoming almost non existent putting the entire burden of the forums expenses square on her shoulders month in and month out..

Our dedicated Donation page is located HERE!

Thank You and Regards.. Fred C
When becoming a paid premium member, does that money help in anyway? I saw that option on my laptop earlier but didn't look too much into it.