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Dogs Naturally Magazine RAW ROUNDUP 2020

Discussion in 'Nutrition News and Articles' started by strykerdobe, Feb 26, 2020.

  1. strykerdobe

    strykerdobe Hot Topics Subscriber


    If you haven't ever attended this online event its well worth the money! I have attended several in the past!
    For new Raw and current Raw feeders.
    Its Live over 3days. March 27-29!
    Get your $100 off your discounted ticket within the next 5 days! I think its only $97 and you can go back and review all the sessions. You will also get to ask questions after every guest speaker. After that the price will probably go up.

    What Is Raw Roundup?
    Raw Roundup “the watering hole” where dog owners, pet business owners and world-leading vets and experts come to hang out and share EVERYTHING you need to know about Raw Feeding today.

    We do this every year because the raw food industry is growing FASTER than ever! So we source the most RESPONSIBLE and TRUSTWORTHY experts who work in the pet food industry to spill the beans on everything they know.

    AND the best part is, Raw Roundup is LIVE & ONLINE, so you can comfortably watch and ask questions right from your couch!

    Raw Roundup 2020 - Live & Online, March 27th - 29th

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