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Does She have a swollen Chest.


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Hello, this is Para. She is a 4 Months OLd Doberman Puppy. We are Buying Her a Harness, so We Measured her Neck Girth and Chest Girth. Her Neck Girth is around 32 CM and Her Chest Girth is around 54 CM, We think this is normal, but Her Chest does seem kind of swollen, is it really swollen or is it ok?20210926_193309.jpg20210926_193316.jpg


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Really difficult to tell from your picture. If you feel a lot of soft tissue then I would be concerned but Dobermans are known to be deep chested.

My male has an especially large deep chest. My female red- not so much.





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I agree that it's hard to tell from the angle but it looks pretty normal to me when you're supposed to have the nice tummy tuck like that.