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Docking, cropping and other acts of barbarism

Discussion in 'Canine News/Informative Articles' started by FredC, Apr 3, 2009.

  1. FredC

    FredC Guest

    Docking, cropping and other acts of barbarism

    According to the American Kennel Club’s breed standards, a Doberman pinscher should have a docked tail and “cropped and erect” ears — an appearance (above right) of “alertness,” albeit one achieved through surgery, rubber bands, tape and splints.
    The altered appearance of the Doberman is one we’ve seen so often that we’ve come to accept it as normal, even though an unalderated Doberman (above left) has floppy ears and a whip-like tail.
    Why do we do it — not just to the Doberman, but about 50 other breeds that are still commonly docked and cropped?
    Mainly because of the aforementioned standards, based on traditions — barbaric, silly traditions, but traditions all the same.
    Docking Dobermans goes all the way back to the man who created them, Louis Dobermann, who mixed a handful of breeds in hopes of coming up with a medium-sized guard dog. Being guards, they needed to look alert. Hence, the tail docking and ear cropping.
    With breed standards under fire — primarily those that have led to inbreeding and genetic health defects among some breeds — the practice of docking tails and cropping ears should be re-examined, too
    The American Veterinary Medical Association, which had long recommended against docking and cropping for cosmetic purposes, came down harder on the practice in a new policy adopted last year, calling for them both to removed from breed standards.
    The AKC, in response to the AVMA policy change, said that “mislabeling these procedures as ‘cosmetic’ is a severe mischaracterization that connotes a lack of respect and knowledge of history and the function of purebred dogs … These breed characteristics are procedures performed to insure the safety of dogs that on a daily basis perform heroic roles with Homeland Security, serve in the U.S. Military and at Police Departments protecting tens of thousands of communities throughout our nation as well as competing in the field.”
    That high and mighty stance came close to painting those who might oppose docking and cropping as unpatriotic. I’m pretty sure letting dogs keep their tails is not going to compromise national security, or lead to more crime.
    AKC policy remains the same: “… ear cropping, tail docking, and dewclaw removal, as described in certain breed standards, are acceptable practices integral to defining and preserving breed character and/or enhancing good health.”
    The AVMA says it received approximately 250 letters after the policy change –a substantial portion of which were supportive.
    The AVMA is by no means the only organization opposed to performing these procedures. Virtually all animal welfare groups are against them, and cosmetic ear cropping and tail docking of dogs is banned in Australia and much of Europe. Both the American Animal Hospital Association and Canadian VMA have had long-standing policies against the surgeries.
    Most recently, the representative body for veterinary surgeons in Ireland, has called for the introduction of legislation banning the practice of “tail docking” of puppies.
    It has said there are reports puppies and breeding bitches are being brought to Ireland from Britain - where it has been illegal since 2007.
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  2. DobesMom

    DobesMom Member

    Well, guess I'm barbaric...just picked Emmie up from the vet (with all her antibiotics, and pain meds). Her ear crop went well, according to the vet. I'll get to see in 3 days what the ears actually look like. I only wish Fire were cropped too. Too bad she had parvo & recovery when it was optimal time...(still she's a beautiful girl!).
  3. FredC

    FredC Guest

    Actually i honestly believe not cropping and docking a doberman is cruel and barbaric. just ask anybody who runs a pound, shelter or Rescue.. These fools really need to find a real cause.
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  4. burlysoldier

    burlysoldier Member

  5. DobesMom

    DobesMom Member

    Oh so true!! I will keep Fire forever, but I know the odds would be against her between being blue w/a poor coat...aloof...and natural eared.
    Luckily she & I will spend the rest of our lives together. :)
  6. Faber

    Faber Jr Member

    I already knew I was barbaric....tell em' thanks for nothing and have a nice day.....
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  7. Dobified

    Dobified Jr Member

    Let me guess .. that was written in Britain ? New Zealand ? ( BTW in New Zealand they want to ban the Pug.. saying thier pushed in noses are cruel so lets just wipe out an enitire breed .. I suppose if they achieve that the Boxer and the Bulldog are next. )

    Once again trying to take away our freedom of choice. Ugh.. this always gets to me I better shut up now.
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  8. MyBuddy

    MyBuddy Moderator Hot Topics Subscriber

    My two cents.........................


    Now that I got that off my chest, honestly, I just don't get it. These people have too much time on their hands. AGAIN, DON'T TELL ME WHAT TO DO! :tantrum::tantrum: While I think nothing of someone who wants a Doberman with longs ears, don't tell me I CAN'T crop if I want to! To me that 'look' is what I bought a Doberman for (ok, along with other traits!) But I love that alert, what I call, beautiful appearance! I've seen long ears Dobes (like Fire and others) that are adorable....and like I've said before, if I adopted one that way or something happened that he/she couldn't be, I'd live with it. But I am FOR it and I want it to be MY CHOICE....don't you dare take that choice away from me! And we're not even talking much about the tail, but the long tail AND the long ears....we may as well say goodbye to the Doberman....call it a Coonhound or something! They'll all look alike! Plus, I would bet that if cropping were outlawed (GRRR) I would bet that it would turn away a lot of people from buying the Dobes.

    Ok, Tye, THIS one gets ME fired up!!! UGHHHHHHHHHHHHH:rant2::rant2:
    (I knew it when I saw the thread that I shouldn't open it! ;) )
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  9. Dobiegirl

    Dobiegirl Novitiate

    Well here is my two cents from the other side of the fence......

    THIS IS JMO I will not debate with anyone....you all spoke your mind this is me speaking my mine

    I am NOT barbaric and I do NOT feel I am a fool either......
    I do not believe in ear cropping....never will on any dog...EVER NEVER!!!!
    ALL my girls had their ears.....and they are just as beautiful with if not more....if you've never been around one with ears then you do not know all the different expressions that come with the ears,......and trust me they can look just as scary.......
    I feel the same as you MyBuddy just on the other side......
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  10. tomcat

    tomcat New Member

    good moring hey has anyone tryed quick brace system for posting ears ???
  11. MyBuddy

    MyBuddy Moderator Hot Topics Subscriber

    [QUOTE I feel the same as you MyBuddy just on the other side......[/QUOTE]

    And that's fine....I'm not out to debate either, but I want the CHOICE. You had a choice to keep your long, and that's ok by me! But I don't want 'these people' (whoever they are!) to take that choice away from me! I'm not out to fight owners on what they should or shouldn't do. I don't care what they do. That is not my point. I just don't like some govt office or some Joe Smo telling me I can't do what's been done since the Dobe came about. I just want to have a CHOICE.

    I'm terrible with someone Telling me what to do. LOL...this used to be the land of the free....freedom of Choice....its getting more and more 'politically correct' and Big Brother.

    I have to add to my motto.........cause I've always thought this way: Live and Let Live! :SwinginStar:
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  12. Silent

    Silent Novitiate

    Ah ... so cropping and docking are cruel but circumcising newborn humans is not...
    Talk about sweeping your own doorstep before complaining about someone elses...

    Once again it comes down to freedom of choice as long as it is done in a humane manner.
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  13. MyBuddy

    MyBuddy Moderator Hot Topics Subscriber

    Exactly...............! :cheers: It's the choice I want. AND of course the humane manner. I don't want to be dragged into a debate...........just give me my choice like you have yours.:)
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  14. Silent

    Silent Novitiate

    On a lot of issues It's more about the freedom of choice to me. I would never condone anything done in a cruel manner.
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  15. FredC

    FredC Guest

    Hey there tomcat, I have never personally tried the Hoytt Quick Brace But have heard some really good things about it. I will admit most Americans are unimpressed and a little paranoid about using this type of device. But i hade great uck with my own homemade version.

    I myself have used homemade racks for Kali when she was young and they work awesome. Esp for posting ears that are still healing. The only problem i have found is that once the dog get a little older the rack will no longer stay in place as it becomes to easy for your dog to remove it. I do have an older set of videos on youtube for building your own Racks. I will dig them up for you and post them in the new puppy porch section. when i get an extra minute.
  16. FredC

    FredC Guest

    I have no problems with anybody who keeps there dogs natural. I do have a problem with anybody who tels me i cant crop and dock. I do not believe it is cruel. When i brought Mars home after is ear crop. litteraly just hrs after the surgery and he was no different then b4 i brought him into the vets. Again i just believe its a matter of personal choice. And i didnt mean anything personal against anyone here. Unless you wrote the artical i posted. ;)
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  17. Silent

    Silent Novitiate

    I believe Jan used the quick brace system on Boris. This might be better off split to its own topic so more will see it and reply.

    When von creates the new board someone can split the topic.
  18. FredC

    FredC Guest

    One of our members Kjersti, Has an amazing all natural Doberman named Kaos. actually he is the natural Doberman you sometimes see in the header of the forum top left. one beautiful Doberman.
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  19. DobesMom

    DobesMom Member

    I agree...while I am Pro choice for crop/dock (amongst other things) it must be done by a pro who has the correct equipment, anethesia, pain meds, and aftercare knowledge. If someone's doing it in the back yard with scissors...I'd be first in line to kick their @ss!!!!
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  20. MyBuddy

    MyBuddy Moderator Hot Topics Subscriber

    Ohmygod,no! :eek: I'd be right behind you Dobes, fighting for the lead!!!!! :madwife: NO one should be using damn scissors! Don't even want to think 'bout that.............
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