Dobermans as service dogs


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Hello forum!
I am looking for a breeder near me and with research I found a breeder who is known for considerable health testing etc.
The only thing is, as I’m about to email I see that this breeder will NOT place their dogs as service dogs.

I may be missing something so forgive me if it’s because this specific breeder’s lines are unsuitable to be SD. Should I be extra specific in the temperament of lines/parents in my breeder search?

My dobe will be my companion before anything else, however I do WANT her to be trained in service work.

Is there a way to find breeders who WILL place their puppies in homes where they would be trained in service work? Is a Doberman as a service dog acceptable in the dobe community?
I know my dogs temperament would not be suitable for most service work. She's high drive every waking moment. She was a bull in a china shop pretty much until her 2nd birthday. So yeah, many lines of Dobies are not suitable, I'd venture to guess any proven working lines (bite sports) would be tougher and harder, but every litter has puppies more and less suitable for what the breeder had in mind. Depending on the type of service you should be very aware of how different the Doberman lines can be. So yes, be specific with temperament and lines of the breeder, what that breeder is striving for and what titles the parents & grandparents hold.

The other problem that can arise is that some Dobermans are more suspicious of strangers than others and that's a problem if you are disabled and need (human) help and your dog prevents a stranger from stepping in. And the other point of view is that of John Q Public - there is still a lot of opinion that Dobermans are dangerous and not to be approached, so you have a service dog that people are wary of - guilty of being a "guard dog" until proven innocent. Natural ears would help. The airlines/public places that employ bomb dogs have been tending to hire out labs and other floppy ear dogs because "pointy ear dogs scare people". I swear I read that exact quote in an article.

So lots to consider, and again, it may depend on the type of service you intend to train for. If the only thing the dog needed to do is alert for high blood sugar or something like that you might work with a high drive dog just fine. I think when you go with reputable breeders and they have a clause to take a puppy back if for any reason you can no longer keep it (which ALL reputable breeders do), the breeder may be taking a big chance on you returning the puppy as unsuitable for service work. This might help you understand all the aspects from different points of views.

I wish you the best in your search and I hope you stay with us here on Doberman Chat if you get a puppy (of any breed - many of us here don't have just Dobermans!) and begin your journey. I know there are some Doberman service dogs out there, but few & far between.
I can understand a breeder not placing their lineage with someone as service companions. Above all, the breeder will know their line better than anyone else.

My male would not be a good service companion…his is seeker, loves to roam search for enemies (squirrels, rabbits, etc…) in our yard. You can see it in his eyes when I force him to be close, he just doesn’t like to be stationary.

My female would be a wonderful service companion. You can see what she is thinking in her expressions. Very compassionate and caring Doberman. Does not want to leave your side and always looking at you for direction.

Is there a way to find breeders who WILL place their puppies in homes where they would be trained in service work? Is a Doberman as a service dog acceptable in the dobe community?
I would do extensive breeder research online starting with the DPCA, reaching out everywhere. I see you were in the other thread discussing service companion breeders. I still stand by what I said in there.

I think the right Doberman would be a fantastic service companion. They certainly do not lack with loyalty, confidence, intelligence and most def being a velcro protector. And when I mean velcro…I mean velcro.

Makes some great points above, especially on cropped ears- 99% of folks that don’t know Dobermans are automatically fearful if the Dobe has cropped ears….something to think about there.