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Doberman weight gain ...

Discussion in 'Doberman Talk and Discussions' started by alecmaza8, Nov 8, 2019.

  1. alecmaza8

    alecmaza8 New Member

    Hi ! I’m Alejandra, I’m from Guatemala, We adopted a rescued dob and we’ve been really worried since he’s just so skinny ! You can see his ribs and other several bones, we would like to know what do you recommend for him since our budget is not really that high, but we want to make sure he’s healthy. Also, our vet told us he had some “depression” signs and that maybe affecting his weight and other areas of his body, please HELP ! Any advice will be great

  2. Panama

    Panama Hot Topics Subscriber

    What do you feed him now?
  3. alecmaza8

    alecmaza8 New Member

    One kind of food they sell here in Guatemala, it’s called “Problan Excellent” from “Purina”, it’s supposed to be really good ..
  4. alecmaza8

    alecmaza8 New Member

    Pro-plan *
  5. My2Girls

    My2Girls Notable member

    Thank you for rescuing!
    How long ago did you rescue him? Do you know any of the back story/why he was surrendered and how long he’s been at the shelter? He probably just needs time.
    Is he eating the Pro-plan? Any digestive issues with it?
  6. alecmaza8

    alecmaza8 New Member

    We adopted him about two weeks ago, and actually the only thing we are certain of is that they rescued him from a bad owner that had him tied to a tree all day, every day. We also know he had some skin issues and his tummy is really sensitive, I’ve been thinking of starting to feed him with rice, meat and eggs .. but I don’t have a clue if I have to do it everyday, one time per day or just a couple of days a week ? Thank you !
  7. alecmaza8

    alecmaza8 New Member

    And he actually digests Pro-plan really good, he does not have any issues with that one, but I feel like it’s bot enough :/
  8. My2Girls

    My2Girls Notable member

    Do you know how long he was at the rescue/shelter? Did he gain weight while he was there? Has he gained weight in the 2 weeks you’ve had him? I’m asking because if he was malnourished to begin with you’d want to go slowly and gradually increase his weight.

    Some members on here make “satin balls” use the search function on here for the recipe to help with weight gain.

    Since you’re limited with brands of kibble and he’s doing well, I would just stick with it for now. I have a picky eater and I use a topping with my kibble. I usually cook a protein and add it on top. I just boil it unless it’s fish then I just bake it. About a 1/4 cup added to the recommended feeding amount with every meal. That’s just what I do. I’m sure other members will pipe in.
  9. Kaiser2016

    Kaiser2016 Active Member

    You’re on the right track with the rice and meat. For tummy troubles, a lot of us will give a bland diet like rice and boiled chicken/turkey, sometimes cooked ground beef can be too fatty but it depends on what’s available to you locally. I would feed this type of meal twice a day until his potty habits stabilize. Once stable, get him to eat his kibble twice a day. Add a raw egg to his kibble twice a week and see how he handles it.

    Without seeing a picture, I can say weight loss tends to be typical for Dobermans who are without their families, but in your case, the poor dog probably just needs someone to give him some tender loving care in a secure environment. Thank you for rescuing him!
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  10. CRDobe

    CRDobe Notable member

    Welcome from Costa Rica. Kibble choices are limited here too. I feed Kirkland chicken and rice adult dry food (from Pricesmart/Costco) and have a supplement rotation of plain yogurt, raw eggs, some cooked protein, rinsed canned sardines, etc.
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  11. alecmaza8

    alecmaza8 New Member

    THANK YOU ALL VERY MUCH ! :)) :)) :)) Today I’ll start with the meat, eggs, rice and chicken, and I hope we can notice a difference in a couple of weeks, will definitely post the before and after picture so you can see Max’s progress <3 Thank uuuu !
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