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Doberman Rescues in North America

Discussion in 'Doberman Talk and Discussions' started by RexsMom, Oct 29, 2019.

  1. RexsMom

    RexsMom Member

    My boyfriend originally didn't want a dog in the first place, but said the only way we could bring one in the house is if it was a Doberman. Of course it always turns out the person who didn't want the dog bonds to them the most :rofl:

    A friend of mine also has a hyper pup that she brings over often. We let them play for hours in the yard then Rex is out like a light all night, giving us time to relax & not spend 2 hours a day on walks. The other day my boyfriend even said "I think Rex would really benefit from having a friend. He's older now." after constantly telling me "No more dogs! :facepalm:" when I bring it up. I never thought I'd see the day... A SECOND DOBERMAN?! I have a suspicion that letting me bring another dog in the house will be my Christmas/birthday gift. :woot: For now I won't get my hopes up though.

    Rex is about 1.5 years old now, and it has been a tough ride. Therefore, I do NOT want to go through puppyhood again. I am looking for Doberman rescues in North America or any other breeds similar to Dobermans (short single coat, big, high energy) like Weimaraner. I live in Ontario (I know about Doberman Rescue Ontario), so ones further away need to be able to ship of some sort.
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  2. Rodyboy

    Rodyboy Jr Member

    There is one called Doberman Underground that deals specifically with dobermans. I can understand the reticence with a pup:groan:I understand they have all ages and They are on the Internet. I am not sure. It think they are in Nope, I'm not sure:scratch:. If I hear of others I will reply.
  3. Ddski5

    Ddski5 Hot Topics Subscriber $ Forum Donor $

    I actually was ready and was going to do something just like that with a local red female that was rescued.

    I filled out the application and completed the summary. I really thought I would be considered a shoe-in since I already have shown success with a Doberman.

    Nope....I was rudely denied stating they will not place any of their Dobermans with people who do not adequately take care of their dogs.

    Apparently, they frown upon owners who would rather do titer testing instead of vaccinating every year.

    They were extremely rude so be careful of how you answer their questions. You may have to kiss their butts to get what you want.

    Good luck with that.
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  4. CRDobe

    CRDobe Notable member

    Doberman Rescue Unlimited in New Hampshire is one of the best.
  5. GennyB

    GennyB Moderator Hot Topics Subscriber

    This might be your biggest hurdle. Most rescues want you to live within a certain distance. First they like to do a home visit before they approve you. Second they like to do follow up visits to make sure the dog is in the right home. That's not to say they wouldn't surrender to a local rescue like Doberman Rescue Ontario so they could do the leg work.
  6. Kaiser2016

    Kaiser2016 Active Member

    How exciting! Hopefully you find the perfect fit. Are you part of your local Doberman owners Facebook group? Sometimes people will post rehoming type messages on there.

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