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Doberman Rescue Organizations

Discussion in 'Rescue & Adoption' started by Doberman Chat, Jun 13, 2016.

  1. Doberman Chat

    Doberman Chat Company Info.

    Below you'll find many Doberman focused rescue organizations. This is not a complete list! If you are a Doberman focused rescue and would like to be included, please sign up for an Adopt-a-Pet.com account here, then submit your request using the Contact Us link after you login to your Adopt-a-Pet.com rescue or shelter account. Thank you!

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  2. salisa826

    salisa826 Hot Topics Subscriber

    DRU pulls a lot of Dobies from the NYC metro area
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  3. Rits

    Rits Admin Administrative Staff Moderator Hot Topics Subscriber

    Very nice to see these here !

    It would be handy if these were in alphabetical order by state.
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  4. bryanne

    bryanne Jr Member

    Hi. Have been on this list for quite some time observing This venue is new to me Dobermans are not 40+ years with this breed and the resident youngster is our 1st adoption / rescue. 1st blue. 1st with natural ears. To say it has been an experience would be an understatement. Today I'm only going to focus on the rescue / adoption part. I want to illustrate that as there are good breeders and some not so desirable the same is true for rescues and fosters People need to do their homework I also advise just as one should Invest 150.00 in a mechanic checking a used car before you purchase one should do the same with a capable trustworthy /trainer / behaviorist temperament testing a potential Dober that it's a good fit for your given situation That's exactly what you will be doing in all likelihood down the line when problems surface. My opinions I believe to be valid being base in my experience since acquiring young SMOKE and the extensive research I've done since including law enforcement veterinarians and and people encountered on the way. I had always purchased from reputable breeders never had any interest in taking on the responsibility of what could crop up from the unknown My husband saw the dog and connected bry he says get that dog! The pup had just been posted. He was available at 6 1/2 months old When I inquired turned out he was 4 1/2 weeks old when caught up in a seizure. Was 6 1/2 months old before the judge finally ruled and released. The dog was in a foster home for that time I had no reservations taking him on Foster Home being in my mind by definition safe haven. How much damage could be done? He is one of the 116 out of Chester County South Carolina. We answered and applied to an ad in Connecticut. Had no clue the dog was being adopted out by people sight unseen out of South Carolina until the call came to make ship arrangements. With a company out of Maine. We drive from New Hampshire to Maine to get our puppy we adopted in Connecticut that came from South Carolina. He was 100% shut down Would not walk. My beloved SMOKE had to be carried to our van by my husband. He came with the name. We kept it thinking a bit of a head start. He was way laid back mellow fellow. So I thought. It was obvious from the gate he had no idea what his name was totally clueless. It's on all his paperwork from day one at his foster home and vet visits. The Rascal had a health certificate with health clearance issued by a licensed state of South Carolina veterinarian. So when my vet was on vacation for a week I wasnt concerned in the least. Dr. Bob came back and 8n we went for a wellness check. I had one incredibly sick guy on my hands. Dr. Bob surmised he really didnt ever know what feeling good was. Stated was the worse case of Guardia he had witnessed in his 35 years of practice. It was a bug a boo to eradicate. When we should have been out and about getting him socialized we couldn't. Trust me nobody wants you around when your so afflicted. Cant blame them. Also had yeast infected ears. But by God he had him a South Carolina health certificate issued 3 days prior to leaving. His foster mother wrote a letter that came with my SMOKE. She (hand to God true) wrote that she free fed the dogs in her care. Wished she could have fed better food than Purina but with 20 odd dogs it simply wasnt possible. She was sorry she never taught him to walk on a leash or anything but just never had time. He was first Doberman she ever cared for and loves the breed. SMOKE she wrote states outdoors except when it was stormy or cold.
    So; 20 odd dogs 6 months Guardia being what is can you just imagine how many dogs and how far flung that situation went and a vet merrily signing off on it? So yes I think people need to exercise due diligence I'm grateful the Rascal landed her for weve been able to manage issues as they come. But it has been a challenge Folks dont like to hear it but you cannot love train fix wish to safe and sane no matter how much you may desire that which is genetically flawed and / or traumatized to broken. You may only at best manage That being one hell of a serious full time commitment. But I wouldnt miss the ride with boy for anything. People need to understand they in all likelihood going to spend more on a rescue. But a lot of grief may be spared by being proactive rather than being forced to be reactive Thank you Be well

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  5. blacknrust

    blacknrust Notable member

    Hello and welcome from Massachusetts! Smoke is lucky to have found a loving family!
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  6. bryanne

    bryanne Jr Member

    Well we be thinking we are pretty blessed challenges and all! For instance I'm folding laundry hes actually watching TV! Ridiculous! Z
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