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Male Example Presentation

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Example Breeder: Sample von Kennel
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Sample Doberman Owner 1, Sample Owner 2.
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  1. Doberman Chat

    Doberman Chat Company Info.

    Doberman Chat submitted a new Presentation:

    Example Presentation
    We Welcome All Doberman Breeders to Create your own Presentations..

    Presentations are editable indefinitely enabling Presentation Authors to keep their Dobermans Information Up to date.. This is particularly useful when creating Presentations for Show or Working Pets. This is also a great opportunity for breeders to list their planned Breedings and subsequent litters.

    What Are Presentations
    ? Presentations are designed to provide an interface for users to "showcase" their past and present Dobermans VISUALLY through the use of uploaded images & associated images from our Media Gallery and TEXTUALLY through the use of WYSIWYG content & custom fields content that provide detailed information pertaining to each presentation.

    Key Features
    • Nested Categories– Unlimited Nested Categories.
    • Tabbed Content– Each Category can have up to 5 tabs for users to display WYSIWYG information pertaining to the item
    • Custom Item Fields- Custom Fields for Presentations
    • Custom Review Fields– Custom Fields for User Reviews
    • Prefixes- Prefix system for filtering Items
    • Tags- Integrated with our Core Tags system
    • Watch Items- Receive alerts & emails when a presentation is updated, a review is posted or a comment is made.
    • Watch Categories- Receive alerts & emails when a new presentation is created.
    • Find-new- Displays Unread/Unviewed presentations.
    • News Feed Integration– User activities in Presentations show up in our news feed system.
    • Ratings– AJAX rating system for presentations
    • Reviews– Rate and Review System (with Custom Field System)
    • Alerts– Users will be notified when someone likes their presentation or comment and when someone replies to their presentation.
    • Media Gallery Album Integration
    • Widget Framework- Includes 6 renderers/widgets.

    Main landing Page: Contains a large thumbnail, title, description, rating and views, tabbed sorting. Paginated with all Presentations. The Landing page sidebar consists of a Quick Stats Module, Categories List and a Top Contributors list. presentations w/o images will be displayed in modules with either a category image (if added) or a custom placeholder (2 provided with by the Adfministrator).

    Category Pages w/Tabbed Sorting: Each Category has its own area that lists all presentations (paginated). You can use the quick select to navigate easily between categories. Categories includes a Most Popular Side Bar Widget and Top Contributors (which list per category when on...
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  2. FredC

    FredC Guest

    I guess since members aren't particularly interested in this feature i'm going to retool it to accommodate a different demographic.. Breeder and Kennel Presentations... Existing Presentations will eventually be moved to new categories titled Pet Dobermans and Memorials.. Of course all members are still free to submit their Dobermans.. However going forward the main focus will be rebuilding Presentations to become a breeders directory.

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