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Discussion "Avoiding the Accident"

Discussion in 'Doberman Breeders' started by FredC, Jan 19, 2009.

  1. CoolHandJean

    CoolHandJean New Member

    We have a barn that one part of it is set-up to keep males out, and to keep females in. It has had a boat load of females (not just ours, my boyfriend's Dad's dogs as well), and there have been no "Oops" litters. The female stays in there. When I go check on her to give fresh water, feed her, and take her for a little walk, I, also, check the whole places for any holes or any places a dog can either get in or out of. So far, it has been very effective. It's been in places for at least 20+ years.

  2. hrd2gt

    hrd2gt Well-Known Member

    You know I have always wondered about this male thing. I guess I inadvertantly never owned two males of big dogs... I had a male and female sheperd... initally a male and female Italian til I got one of my pups returned to me... they get along awesomely til dad pisses off son... which he does and I am aware of it..

    But is there really that much drama if you have two intact males? Where even if you are serious alpha in the house there cant be calm?? I hear this with pits too, so the bully people are way welcome to chime in on this...
  3. CoolHandJean

    CoolHandJean New Member

    I have three intact males. They don't all come inside the house though, but they do interact with each other all right. I am always supervising though. I'd never leave any of my dogs alone together, because it's asking for too much trouble, but we have peace with ours. :)

    PNWPBR New Member

    Rio will be my first intact male, ever. Wish me luck! LOL
  5. Huskylove

    Huskylove New Member

    I would seriously gouge my eye out with a spork if I ever had another intact set in my house again (they came fresh out of a hoarding situation from a BYB), I was ready to neuter him myself with a pair of shears by the time he went to the vet :no2:. One was upstairs in the house in a bedroom, the other in a chainlink pen in the locked basement, the male was literally trying to climb the walls to get out of the pen.

    Accidents are completely preventable, a ton of work, but preventable, locked doors and a little Neutersol goes a long way. And I don't care if people want to keep their dogs intact for showing, but if that dog gets out and knocks up the neighborhood tramp, then they should lose the right to keep the dog intact.

    Feh, you won't need luck, but you will need a big ol' economy sized bottle of Bayer before it's all said and done :D.
  6. Velmadobe

    Velmadobe New Member

    I have my first intact male and am planning on breeding his mother one more time so when she goes into season, it is not fun. Harvard was almost 12 months old the last time she went into heat and trust me that he understood clearly what his job was - my job was to not let him do it. My kids and my husband are under VERY strict instructions and the dogs do not interact at all for the week or so that she is receptive. I have a nice dog room set up in my walk out finished basement, and I also have a crate in my office on the first floor - they stay on seperate floors for the most part. If it gets too bad, one will go to the boarding kennel. I don't ever want to do a breeding that closely related!

    As soon as Louise is done with her second litter, she will be spayed - and that will take care of that ;)
  7. FredC

    FredC Guest

    All my Male dogs are neutered. Mars just got his a couple months before Kali went into her first heat. I can tell ya that there is no way i could have reasonably kept them apart. And theres not a single doubt in my mind he would have gotten to her sooner then later. And theres no way i would have been able to call it an accident. It would have been completly and totally my fault, for not being proactive. And Kali is only 10 months. that alone would have been a tough thing to live with. She is and always will by my baby girl. Getting Mars fixed a few months earlier then i would have liked was a small price to pay considering the alternative would have meant my baby would have had to go thru way to much way to young.
  8. Velmadobe

    Velmadobe New Member

    and that is the best way to avoid it!! Wish more people would do what you did.
  9. DLS

    DLS Notable member

    CoolHandJean, could you explain to me what a "boat load of females" means?

    If you cannot guarantee that a female in heat will not get bred by accident, then maybe board them at a kennel during the breeding stage.

    I have had the pleasure of being able to stay home with my dogs 24-7, it does make things easier, I can be 'on top of things' all the time.
  10. Velmadobe

    Velmadobe New Member

    I've known since Harvard was about 6 months old that he would never tolerate another male dog of any kind in the house. He is a good dog in crowded situations like indoor dog shows, but I make sure that he does not start "eyeballing" another male. He is only 13 months old now - there will never be another male dog in my home (other than a litter of pups) as long as he is alive. If I ever have to take a male of my breeding back, I will have to foster that dog out till I find a new home for him. It would be too hard to try to keep them seperate forever.
  11. JanS

    JanS DCF Owner Administrative Staff Moderator Hot Topics Subscriber

    Is the male on male thing with all breeds, or mostly Dobe's? I've heard you should never keep 2 male Dobes in the same household even if they're neutered, but I don't have any experience with it, and if we were to get another Dobe it would be a female who would be spayed. Just curious if it's breed wide, or just certain breeds?
  12. DLS

    DLS Notable member

    The Doberman Standard is one of the few breed standards that mentions...dog aggression, not to be penalized. They were bred to work on their own with only their 'master', not other dogs.
  13. megschristina

    megschristina New Member

    APBT do it too, and often with all dogs not just males. Many APBT owners must crate and rotate in order to have a more than one dog household. Apollo will tolerate those on the small side, but at around twenty lbs you are asking for a dog fight. It is not penalized in pit bulls either. (obviously, lol)
  14. Big Max

    Big Max New Member

    I know we bad .....bad
  15. Big Max

    Big Max New Member

    i got carryed away on the first page .Didn't realize there was 3 more pages
    He He ....
    Neuter and spade is the way to go..
  16. BCDobes

    BCDobes New Member

    Well I have always had intact males and females in the house and have never had an accident in 25yrs of owning them.

  17. DobieLvr

    DobieLvr Novitiate

    hmm interesting question about the male Dobe thing. Ernie has a problem with Chipper - but doesn't have one with Bodacious. Isn't that strange? All the boys are neutered but it made little difference with Chipper and Ernie - they both act like intact males. Chipper is bossy - will growl and that is all it takes for Ernie to just throw down and launch...there has been a couple of really bad 3 second fights between them... Ernie is to the point now that when I get after them for "talking" - he automatically puts himself in the kennel....lol
    And Chipper is bad - he taunts him - and makes Ernie mad... rotten GSP's are just too smart for their own good.
    I had someone give me a nylabone for Chipper as a puppy - the thing just laid in the toy box. Ernie started chewing it and now - everytime I turn around Chipper has it, just to annoy Ernie.... LOL They say dogs don't think... yeah right. LOL
  18. Big Max

    Big Max New Member

    Well i'm no expert but i can say this one instant were i went to my brother in law and his freind has a male dobe call ceaser thats not fix and max is and ceaser got on top of max{behind him] and max turn around and pin ceaser down so fast,holding him down hard i split them up and ceaser never tryed that again.I believe that once dominance is establish it over.
  19. Miller Dobes

    Miller Dobes Novitiate

    Good posts! A male doberman will find a way to get to a female if you are off guard for a second! They will walk through fire.

    The only way we are able to make sure that they are not being bred is to keep them seperated. Seperate yards, seperate times to go outside, eat, seperate crates, seperate room to sleep in, and basically, just not ever giving them a chance......it is a lot of work. When you have a bitch in season, you can not reply on your husband, or children, or just one.....it takes all of us. Doberman males are determined and on a mission........it's a job! Accidents can happen but when it is all said and done.....it's you that are responsible.....you being the dogs family.

    If you do not want your dog bred, you have it fixed, like others have said. If you don't, you run a risk.......neuter.

  20. apbtmom76

    apbtmom76 Guest

    I have 3 dogs here and multiple dogs that come in and out of my house. Phoenix and Phoebe are intact and Orion and Penny are fixed. I have never had a dog fight in the 20 years of owning APBT's and they live harmoniously together.

    Responsible people do the RESPONSIBLE thing with their dogs. PERIOD!!!!

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