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Demodex Mange

Discussion in 'Doberman Health Issues and Questions' started by PawsUp, Mar 31, 2013.

  1. PawsUp

    PawsUp Jr Member

    Hey guys, has anyone ever dealt with Demodex Mange?

    Cisco was diagnosed with it yesteray. He has a small patch of hair missing on his upper right leg and also has something under his chin that bleeds every now and then. The vet said that she didn't see any mites under the chin and that she thinks it could be just bacteria there. For his treatment he is going to get 4 mitaban dips with ivomec and antibiotic injections. I also got Zymox spray for his chin.

    cisco mange pic (640x361).jpg

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  2. repodhunter

    repodhunter Hot Topics Subscriber $ Forum Donor $

    First I have to write that I AM NOT a vet....definitely don't claim to know more then a vet in regards to treatment of illness or disease. I had a foster (not a Dobermann) a few years ago that had Demodex Mange which was caught early by my vet the day I picked her up. My vet treated with Ivomec only. My vet did explain to me the side effects of both Ivomec or Mitaban - she suggested that we try the Ivomec first. We did not do both, as the Ivomec worked - thank goodness. I also immediately began giving an over the counter supplement (with probiotics) to help give a boost to the dogs immune system after doing a bit of research and finding that all dogs have mites, they become a problem when the dog's immune system becomes stressed for whatever reason. I kept the foster away from my other dogs, just as a precautionary, until she was better. Vacuumed her area several times a day, washed her bed daily. I did give her a bath the first day. Not sure what type of food you feed, I mainly feed raw EXCEPT when a dog is on antibiotics - as antibiotics tend to kill the good bacteria in a dogs stomach/digestive tract as well as the bad bacteria, so I feed a high quality (Wellness Core) kibble until the antibiotic treatment is over, then I supplement with probiotics for a few days before feeding raw again. As I stated I'm not a vet......I trust my vet who I have known for over 20 years now. Best Wishes for a speedy recovery for Cisco.
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  3. obbanner

    obbanner $ Premium Subscriber $ Hot Topics Subscriber

    Anna recently got over a strange thing that we thought was demodex mange. The vet diagnosed it as flank sucking in September. By December, it spread over her abdomen, so obviously wasn't flank sucking, and we started treating it aggresively. It cleared up in February after four ivomectin shots, two treatments of Mitaban (sprayed on, not dipped) and daily treatments of benzoyl peroxide (Clear Pore Daily Scrub from WalMart). We're still not sure if it was mange, but it cleared up and the hair is growing back. She had elephant skin in patches, too.

    I got the usual advice about it being an allergy, but I made no change in diet and it cleared up.

    The pictures below were taken at Anna's worst in December.

    You can see the hair loss on the web of her leg and the elephant skin below it.


    The red rash seen on her leg was the first sign of it spreading.

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  4. Luvmydoberman

    Luvmydoberman Hot Topics Subscriber

    101_2275.JPG 101_2276.JPG 101_2279.JPG 101_2691.JPG 101_2737.JPG Sorry to hear about Cisco. My Dixie Lee just went through this as well. My vet recommended Mitaban dips for Dixie, but she had generalized Demodex, sounds like Cisco's is localized. She didn't recommend the Ivermectin as she felt it may take months of treatment in Dixie's case. I suspected Dixie had localized and when we took her to the ER vet for an unrelated allergic reaction the vet insisted she did not have mange and gave her a shot of steroids that supressed her immune system and allowed the mite numbers to get out of control. She never lost all hair as I caught it quickly, but the hair was thin all over her body. I did start Dixie on vitamins with antioxidants and fish oil capsules for her skin. Her immune system was crappy because of poor nutrition, stress from being a rescue, changing homes, leaving siblings, and hormone fluctuations from her recent spaying. We feel this is the reason for her mange. I had just finished switching her to a good quality kibble so no changes made there. I can only offer my experience with the Mitaban since we chose not to try Ivermectin. If you go that route remember - no bathing other that the bath the vet does prior to the dip itself, otherwise you will wash the dip off. I did also notice side effects from the dip. Dixie was extremely sedated for the two days following and a little crankly. These effects diminshed as she had more dips and her body got used to it. She got a total of six dips over six weeks. I didn't change anything else as my vet stated stress could cause more problems. None of my other pets were affected at all. Matter of fact she slept in the bed with us the whole time. I will warn you that my vet told me not to be alarmed as Dixie would look worse before she looked better. She would lose more hair. And she was right. I saw no progress until about the fourth dip. I actually didn't think it was working at all. It has been 3 weeks since her last treatment and people can't believe that before and after. I'll include some pics so you can see it yourself. The first three are during treatment and the last two are from yesterday.
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  5. Luvmydoberman

    Luvmydoberman Hot Topics Subscriber

    Sorry, don't know why my pics popped up first.
  6. mlewald

    mlewald Novitiate

    Updating an old thread here about Demodex Mites. If your dobbie has them I highly recommend checking out a new breed of medicine for flea and tick control that has also been recently proven to get rid of Demodex mites. The medicine is 'afoxolaner' and may come in several names. I purchased the brand 'NexGard' and within 10 days my Tango stopped scratching his head (no more bleeding!) and within 30 days most of his hair has grown back and the scabs are gone.

    Tango is 6 and a half years and almost had to be put down at 1 year since his immunity was so bad, the mites cause hair loss on almost his entire body. He's been on Ivermectin his whole life but it started to begin to wear off at the beginning of this year and he started scratching his head and began to lose hair on the rear legs.

    Please do the research on Nexgard or Bravecto brands or other "afoxolaner" brands against Demodex mites. I chose Nexgard since it has been now labeled for use against Demodex mites in Australia and Europe (but NOT in America yet). These are prescription meds you need to get from your vet.

    I am extremely pleased with the outcome. The fact that it guards against fleas and ticks is just a 'bonus' for me although that is the primary use for this medicine.
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  7. Dogdoc

    Dogdoc New Member

    Please ask your vet about Nexgard (monthly oral flea and tick medication) much safer than daily ivermectin in my opinion, and much easier since it’s usually only given every 2 weeks until condition is resolved. ( I am a veterinarian)
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  8. JanS

    JanS DCF Owner Administrative Staff Moderator Hot Topics Subscriber

    I did not know that but it's very interesting. Luckily we don't have to deal with Demodex or fleas in this area but we do give the Nexgard because of ticks.

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