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Dela's Second Foster... ;)

Discussion in 'Memorials' started by deladobies, Jun 20, 2009.

  1. deladobies

    deladobies Member

    Alright everyone, Im sure that you saw my thread on my first foster baby...

    Well Jake's Test results came back positive for heart worms so first thing this morning I took him accross town to the vet for treatment.

    We had another dobie named Dixie boarding at the vet.

    Dixie is a 2-4 year old black and tan female that has the sweetest face and the most loving and excepting eyes.

    Her story although a sad one will have a happy ending if it is the last thing I do.

    Dixie was picked up last week after an unusual call to the rescue. Margo got a call from a woman stating that she had found a dog in her front yard several months ago that had been hit by a car. She said that after she found her she put her in the backyard to "heal" and has been out there ever since. She has had no affection and has laid outside in pain ever since they found her.

    The vet that we took her to said that surgery was needed immediatly but since medical attention was not saught her pelvis has heeled in such a way that she walks like a hyena. The poor angels back slopes down and she seems to more so drag her rear legs then actually use them. In one of the pictures she is actualy standing almost straight although it looks as though she is about to sit down.

    I have tile floors, so I have taken all my extra comfortors and laid them on the floor so that she doesnt slip while were away. She will be kenneled most of the day per the vets instructions but after a couple of weeks she will have free rain of my room.

    The dogs get along wonderful and Dixie loves Bri and she doesnt seem to mind MOMO either so were off to a good start

    She is a complete sweetheart and I am making it my mission to get her back to the beauty that she once was. You can tell by looking at her that she was once an incredibly beautiful girl and she will be again very soon.

    She is very thin and suffers rom enemia and very underweight. Aside from that she is also heartworm positive but cannot be treated as her enemia is far too bad. She is scheduled to be spayed 2 weeks from today along with having her fatty tumors removed. Heartworm treatment will start shortly after...

    A warning that the pictures once I get my camera working will be very graphic as my phone does not take good quality pictures at all but it was all I had.
    I hope that all of you will follow in her progress with me as we get her back to her old self and find this princess her happy ending







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  2. JstLovesErnie

    JstLovesErnie Notable member

    I think home depot has carpet squares that you can get and put down - really cheap I think....
  3. MLR

    MLR Novitiate

    Oh, no. How could those people not have taken her to a vet when it happened? Will the rescue do surgery to correct her pelvis once her other problems are taken care of? You can tell she was a beauty before all the neglect. I know in your care she will get better dela. :(
  4. deladobies

    deladobies Member

    A specialist is being consulted with as we speak for the surgery. Hopefully they will take a look when she gets spayed in 2 weeks...

    Just talked to my uncle who remodles houses... says if he gets any carpet worth saving it is all mine...
  5. JustDobermans4me

    JustDobermans4me Jr Member

    Oh poor baby she is in good hands now thats just horrible her life before she will be loved and cared for now wishing her the best and fastest recovery!!
  6. apbtmom76

    apbtmom76 Guest

    Ohhhh Dela she is pretty, I know tha tyou of all people will be able to hel pthis girl, Keep us posted, I know you will :D
  7. Dobeman

    Dobeman Active Member

    Good on you for helping these babies. I have wood floors, and my Murphy is unstable in her hips, so I have rugs covering all the areas we/she walks....she's fine and totally stable and secure on the rugs.
  8. Dobiegirl

    Dobiegirl Novitiate

    I'm sorry I shouldn't say this but I sure do hate some people...how could any human with any heart do anything so horrible of any kind to an animal....I just don't understand.... Dela your an angle sent from up above...all I can say is God Bless You ...you are one special lady.....
  9. deladobies

    deladobies Member

    Thanks DG but Im no angel... Dobermans have just struck a cord in my heart that has made me want to be more and more involved with each passing minute... THis little girl was thrown in a backyard to suffer and then boarded in a kennel causing her to loose herself a little more everyday. I couldnt leave her there, and I know any/all of you would have done the same thing... It is going to be a long road from her but with the DCF family behind her I know she is going to pull threw...
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  10. MLR

    MLR Novitiate

    I'm so glad to hear that she's being evaluated for corrective surgery dela. It just about broke my heart to look at her in the condition she's in. Glad, too, that your uncle will be able to help out with carpet remnants. You and she have a long road ahead of you and I, like the others who have posted here, am here for you.
  11. DoberDon

    DoberDon Hot Topics Subscriber

    Wow Dela,you're so good at this, I just hope you don't burn yourself out! The heartworm scares me,can they tell how progressed it is? The sad reality is even many rescues would have to think about putting her down because of the expenses of heartworm treatment and pelvic surgery! She's one lucky dog to have ended up with you!!!!
  12. JanS

    JanS DCF Owner Administrative Staff Moderator Hot Topics Subscriber

    Aww, she's such a beautiful girl and it's so sad that she had to go through something like this.
    I agree, you're an angel for taking her in and bringing her back to good health.

    Damn that woman who stuck her in the yard to "heal". What the hell is wrong with people???
  13. hrd2gt

    hrd2gt Well-Known Member

    Bad news all... this lil girl was lost last nite to bloat. Very Dramatic, Dela was torn, super sad... I am sure when she is ready she will share her experience with it so we all can be on the alert for the signs. Bloat has always been my biggest fear, and I am proud of Dela for doing as much as she could for this girl.

    She had a great last day with Dela.
  14. JstLovesErnie

    JstLovesErnie Notable member

    My heart goes out to you Dela....
  15. dobiemom

    dobiemom Notable member

    Words can't express how I felt when I saw this thread in the Memorials section.
    I'm so sorry Dela... at least she finally knew what it felt like to be loved on her last day. Sleep softly baby girl...
  16. deladobies

    deladobies Member

    Panama had Pm;d me the other day warning me of bloat with the male that I brought home. I listened to her post and did as she said. I truely didnt think it would happen to me.. But I guess thats what they all say. As of right now with everyone We have told I have spoken to 3 different people that their dogs have suffered from bloat. one person had two dogs bloat and the other is a conformation dobe.

    From what we gather she had not been eating, drinking or playing with anyone while being treated and boarded at the vets...

    I brought her home and we spent the whole day together outside in the yard and laying down watching TV. I feed her one can (that she didnt even finish) along with her deworming medicine at about 7 oclock last night . After we relaxed a little I geve her the med for her enemia (5 cc) She didnt have any water that I noticed and we layed down for about 3 or 4 hours together watching TV and Talking to you guys.

    IMPORTANT!!!! About 30 minutes After taking her medicine for the ememia she began to dry heave... this was not because of the meds. This was the first sign that she was going to bloat. DO NOT FORGET THIS! I HAD NO IDEA!!!!

    Well I was up late and at about 1145 or so I put her in her crate to settle down. I didnt go to sleep till about 130 or so and had her out right before that just in case. Everything was FINE!

    At 300 I heard wimpering. Thinking it was max (14 years old, has to go out several times at night) I got up and did the usual ritual where everyone bolts out the back door... I came back in to let Dixie out and she was huge. It wasnt Max that was crying, it was Dixie. She walked straight outside and layed down. I knew what had happened, I knew what was wrong and I knew that we didnt have much time to get her where she needed to be.

    I grabbed Bri and gave her the car keys and sent her to the car so that she could get buckled in. Then I ran back in and ran to the backyard to get her. She was already laying on the ground behind the run but was still breathing. I Put one arm under her front legs and the other behind her stomich and in front of her rear legs and rushed her to the car.

    I made it to the car and realized that I couldnt drive in the state that I was in. I called my neighbor who rushed out of the house at 315 or so and jumped in the drivers seat. I crawled in the back and held her in my arms.

    On the way out I called a friend and asked how to get to the nearest EV. I knew that I couldnt wait to get directions. It would have to be in transit. She has had her Male Dobie bloat and told me where to take Dixie. She told me where to go and told me that she would meet me on the access road and she would lead me there. We passed her on the highway and were racing down the highway.

    Between calls to Hrd and to our friend I called the rescue and let them know what was going on. We were all devastated. My heart was broken and I felt sick to my stomich. Hrd called the vet and told them that we were on our way and having bri kept me from breaking down completly.

    With my neighbor still driving we were almost there when I about dropped the phone. I felt her take a deep breath and I knew it was too late. I never quit talking to her and I never stopped petting her head. Then the heartbeats became less and less till they were gone. My heart sank and the tears were pouring. Even after she was gone I was still rushing to the hospital and talking to her and rubbing her head. I never stopped not even for a min.

    After we pulled in our friend Rushes to the car and she knew she was gone. I sat there on the step of my car with her petting her head and rubbing her back. After I composed myself our friend and I walked inside and told them the news (the vet is a whole different story) We decided to have her cremated so I went out to the car and carried her in to the office just as I would an infant in my arms. I put her down and hugged her apologizing and wanting to die myself for not making it on time.

    I did all I could and it just wasnt enough to save her. After all that she had been threw. All the horror, all the pain she was finally in a safe place where someone would lvoe her and care for her like she deserved and it was all to late. I wasnt there for her when I should have been, I wasnt smart enough or fast enough to save her and my heart hurts just sitting here.

    She was the sweetest little girl ever. After all her trama and pain she acted just like a pup that just came home after being away for awhile.

    we played with the tug rope and lounged around the house like lazy bums that day. Every where I went she followed and I carried a blanket around with me so that wherever we were she would have a soft place to lay. Her body never even touched the tile.

    Hrd says things happen for a reason but I am tierd of horrible things happening to good people and innocent animals!! She deserved better and I should have saved her.

    Sorry to get so emotional but I cant help but feel as though I could have done something more. Please dont ever look away from anything odd that your dogs do!!! I dont want to scare anyone but every minute, EVERY SECOND counts with bloat!!! Dont let it take your babies.
  17. kpablo

    kpablo Jr Member

    Oh dear!!! I'm so SORRY! RIP Dixie girl
  18. FredC

    FredC Guest

    :( run free Dixie
  19. JustDobermans4me

    JustDobermans4me Jr Member

    Im so sorry Dela my heart goes out to you for helping her.. My condolences.... Sleep softly Dixie....
  20. JanS

    JanS DCF Owner Administrative Staff Moderator Hot Topics Subscriber

    Oh my gosh, I have tears streaming down my face - I'm so sorry Dela! Don't you blame yourself, you did everything possible for this little girl and gave her the best possible last day on this earth she could have asked for.

    My heart just breaks for you. Big hugs.

    I'm always here if you need a shoulder.

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