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Dealin with the new food poops:( (a little gross, fair warning)

Discussion in 'Doberman Health Issues and Questions' started by Vinnie's Mom, Jul 26, 2019.

  1. Vinnie's Mom

    Vinnie's Mom Hot Topics Subscriber

    So Vinnie was on grain free. When a vet friend told me to get him off immediately, I did. I took close to 2 weeks to change his food over completely and the entire time, he was fine. Now after we are all on the new food, we went from soft poop. to runny poop to a level I admit I have never seen before....at 2am I was woke to the I need to poop bark. Knowing he has had tummy issues the last few days out we went. I hate this as there are bears that love to forage around here at night. But when baby has to poop, you go. So after the first 5 times with straight diarrhea we went out again. This time, he crouched down.....how do I explain this....kind of like the guy with the football that tosses the football under his legs to the other football guy....sorry to all the sports fans here....anyway, he then projectile full liquid pooped at least 6 feet. I was thoroughly disgusted and impressed all at once standing there at 330 am......
    Anyway, I gave him some boiled chicken and rice that I began to put in the new food and he finallly pooped himself out to sleep. Any suggestions??? Please??? Do I change to another new food? Do I give him something? How long do I allow this before the vet is brought into this? For the questions I know you need to know, he will be 1 yo next week. I took 2 weeks to change over diet. The food is 4Health performance. Thanks

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  2. Vinnie's Mom

    Vinnie's Mom Hot Topics Subscriber

    I also forgot, I would love to feed him a raw diet but cant do it in a camper. I will spend some decent money on his food but cant go top of the line, thanks!
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    WILD ACE Member

    well i do know all the grain free hipe and i have tried many different brands of food for my boy. Ace will be 2 next month. we went from 76lbs to 59 lbs throwing up nasty poops and everything since he was about 6 months old . the vet has tried to talk me into science diet for almost a year and i will not put him on it. i figured i didnt have anything to loose and found victor ( yes i know ) grain free salmon and he is back to 74 lbs solid poops and only 2 poops a day ( unless he runs 3 miles with the golf cart ) then he may have a third poop a bit softer. i have decided i suppement his food with a daily probiotic and a product called solid gold sea meal for digestive and immune health. even the vet said he just cant argue that maybe he is just one of those dogs that really cant do grain foods.
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  4. Ddski5

    Ddski5 Hot Topics Subscriber $ Forum Donor $

    Any chance he got into anything to cause this?? Ragnar got like this from eating cat poop. Took me forever to figure that one out.

    Otherwise, sounds like he does not handle 4Health too well. If this is the case, then I would go back to old food and establish good stomach/poops and then try another food.

    A good probiotic and all natural canned pumpkin can help his stomach/poops get better.

    Keep us updated.
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  5. Diane Law

    Diane Law Hot Topics Subscriber

    If it were me .....and poops were fine until now......and you really suspect it's the new food.........take pause over this weekend. Let that digestive track settle down a bit ......of course encourage water intake to maintain hydration............hydration now is a must ........if not drinking get to vet. ASAP.
    But if drinking ............then suggest having pup skip a meal or two ......
    then....... once settled..........
    give some of the prior food.... the food you used before ....just for a week or two..... just to make sure things go back to a normal cycle.
    If everything returns to normal ........great.
    Now you are ready for a "do over" ............
    If you choose to stay with the new food you elected.......you might have to introduce at a much slower rate.
    Nothing worse than an upset pooper.............hopefully you will note improvement soon.
    And of course always encourage you to verify with your vet.
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  6. Antman408

    Antman408 $ Forum Donor $

    What grain free were you feeding beforehand? And what’s the new food? There’s not enough evidence to suggest one brand or “grain free” is the cause for DCM. I’m very skeptical over the reports as well.
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  7. Ddski5

    Ddski5 Hot Topics Subscriber $ Forum Donor $

    I think it may be smart to continue with boiled chicken and rice also.
  8. Panama

    Panama Hot Topics Subscriber

    The only time I've seen projectile squirts was due to a blockage. But if you think it's the food, fast for him 24 hrs. No food, just water.
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  9. Vinnie's Mom

    Vinnie's Mom Hot Topics Subscriber

    ok thanks, I will keep him hydrated today, then chicken and rice for next day or two and see how he does. I have alerted my vet that we may be coming in depending. I honestly cant think of anything else it could possibly be. Believe me at 3am I was thinking pretty hard of the possible culprit! The only things that have changed is he now eats femur bones, the fresh ones from the butcher, and I swapped back and fourth from liver to chicken strips for puppy class traing snax...The post this am was a little sketchy as I also ran out of propane, both tanks so no coffee till now...uuuggggggg.....the origional food was the 4health grain free, then swapped out over a almost 2 week period to 4health performance. Was thinking of trying the Diamond naturals chicken and rice formula tho.....if the old food was not a grainfree I would defiantly place him back on it, but as I am also skeptical of the reports, if there is even a tiny chance....I cant do it.....
  10. Vinnie's Mom

    Vinnie's Mom Hot Topics Subscriber

    ummm...how much chicken and rice does one feed to a 78 lb growin boy?
  11. Vinnie's Mom

    Vinnie's Mom Hot Topics Subscriber

    thank you, I was thinking of that also but am too gun shy with the grainfree business and the other food only comes in a 45 lb bag...I just cant keep paying 50$ to toss out...so frustrating. I think I may keep what is left of this one to slowly introduce the new one with after a few days of rice. Thanks:)
  12. Diane Law

    Diane Law Hot Topics Subscriber

    Dogs most often get diarrhea from eating something they shouldn’t but thankfully, the poop problem should clear up on its own. “Once the pet has passed the offending items through his GI tract, all systems return to normal. Diarrhea could also be a sign that something’s wrong, though. Loose stools can mean your dog’s food isn’t being absorbed in his GI tract, which could point to a food allergy or intolerance. Diarrhea can also indicate that your dog has a serious infection (like a parasite, a bacterial infection, or inflammatory bowel disease). So if the diarrhea doesn’t clear up on its own after a day or two, it’s time to call the vet.Hope things get better for you real soon...give your pup a poke for me!
  13. Tropicalbri's

    Tropicalbri's $ Premium Subscriber $ Hot Topics Subscriber $ Forum Donor $

    You might want to eliminate the femur bones for a while as that may be the culprit and liver treats. The marrow in the bones is exceptionally rich and can cause digestive upset. Liver treats are the same, very rich and can cause digestive upset as well. A good probiotic given in every meal helps harness the good bacteria. Withhold food for 24 hrs. Give plenty of fresh water, no treats or bones. I would then do the unseasoned boiled chicken and rice and give him 4-5 small servings of it over a 12 hr period. You can also make a bone broth and give him some of that to replace the minerals and nutrients he is losing.
    Continued diarrhea dehydrates them and causes intestinal irritation. If none of this improves his blow outs then most definitely get a vet visit so they can get a handle on the diarrhea.
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  14. Vinnie's Mom

    Vinnie's Mom Hot Topics Subscriber

    oh! wow, great info thanks I will keep the bones off the table so to speak and stay with the chicken for training treats once he is better. So this leads me to a question then. He is a bone freak. I have tried several kinds and one by one I find out they are not good for him. Is there a bone out there that is ok for him to have 2-3 a week?
  15. Diane Law

    Diane Law Hot Topics Subscriber

    I have found dental work to be very expensive. My Last Doberman broke a fang tooth on a shank bone. Cost us almost a thousand dollars to extract that tooth. Ouch.....In addition once your pup is full grown that marrow will throw unwanted weight on a dog real fast.
    Suggestion: using a Traditional Kong......extra large.........
    I take my dry kiddle ....place some kibble mix into the ice tray ......fill it with water and freeze.
    Then take the extra large traditional kong......stuff the ice cubes into the kong......wa-la......Kong Kibbie Cubes!
    Hoss is now 3.5 but he still enjoys his kong treats .........sometimes I will spice it up and add a small slice of meat to the ice tray recipe. Keeps Hoss guessing.......
  16. Viemarangelrock

    Viemarangelrock $ Premium Subscriber $ Hot Topics Subscriber $ Forum Donor $

    Cease feeding him for up to 24 hours. This will help his intestines and bowels heal and regenerate from what was causing diarrhea in the first place.
    Make sure he has access to plenty of water so that he doesn’t dehydrate.
    A bland diet for a very short period as he’ll not be receiving a balanced diet and missing out on important nutrients. Cooked turkey and plain 100% cooked pumpkin. Mix the cooked mince turkey and pumpkin 50/50 into his bowl and feed him 3-4 small meals a day. Add in a good quality probiotic. You can also supplement him with the herb - slippery elm bark. It’s a great all-natural anti-diarrhoea remedy. The dose is half a teaspoon for each 5 kilos of body weight mixed into the bland diet twice daily.
    If after 3 days the diarrhoea hasn’t cleared up, it’s time to check in with your vet.
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  17. Viemarangelrock

    Viemarangelrock $ Premium Subscriber $ Hot Topics Subscriber $ Forum Donor $

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  18. crypticintent

    crypticintent Hot Topics Subscriber

    Hopefully Vinnie is doing well.

    We had some issues with Ezri and the projectile poops. Took us a while to isolate it.

    It's either barley or flour. We make dog treats out of spent grain from brewing. Since it's only 4 ingredients (barley, peanut butter, flour, egg) and she has no problems with egg or peanut butter, down to those two.

    Was hard to pin down what cause was, took off all treats fora bit then introduced only one treat type a day then waited a couple more days before trying a new treat.

    Food wise we have her on Simply Nourish Source. It seems to be doing really well for her
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  19. Vinnie's Mom

    Vinnie's Mom Hot Topics Subscriber

    Hi all, well this am we went straight to the vet. I woke up to what looked like a crime scene, but with poop. Noticed blood as well so tossed him in the car and met the vet as they opened the door. It turns out it was messy, but not as bad as it originally looked but to wake up to that.....omg,,,that was brutal, horrible things go through your mind....the vet believed it was irritation of the gut due to the food problems. He got fluids, meds for nausea, and stomach issues a strict diet for a few days and probiotics. He is now a little better, taking water a bit finally.
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  20. Vinnie's Mom

    Vinnie's Mom Hot Topics Subscriber

    I have a feeling I am headed down that road of narrowing down what he can and cant have in life.....This is sooo hard on him, my poor guy :(
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