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Deaf Doberman Puppy On Craiglist, Rochester, NY

Discussion in 'Rescue & Adoption' started by Eglidegirl, Jan 27, 2011.

  1. Eglidegirl

    Eglidegirl New Member

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  2. Ingrid H

    Ingrid H Hot Topics Subscriber $ Forum Donor $

    Awww... He looks so sweet with those wild and crazy ears. I sure hope they heed your plea. Are yo in that area and know of doberman rescues there?
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  3. Apollo

    Apollo Novitiate

    thats so sad, why get a dog in the first place, before they rehome him, they should get him neutered and the other thing what ticks me of big times are the cropped floppy ears, why get them croped, if they don't keep up the posting. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
    People just drive me nuts [​IMG]
  4. Eglidegirl

    Eglidegirl New Member

    Ingrid - I'm in Albany, NY - The only Dobe Rescues that cover NY are DRU in New Hampshire and one in Victor, NY - which is close to Rochester. I gave that info to the person who put up the craiglist post along with the DPCA Rescue Site link.

    I swear, I so wish I didn't have to work all day. If I was retired and home all day, I'd be doing Rescue/Foster, but it's just not possible to do that right now. Rescue dogs need quality time, hard to give with an 8 hour work day. [​IMG]
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  5. Dragonflyz

    Dragonflyz Member

    I am in rochester and volunteer for DDRINC, this person has been contacted and offered the $50 they want for the dog. They are not willing to surrender the dog?
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  6. Eglidegirl

    Eglidegirl New Member

    Whoever this Michelle is, she's a real AZZ...
    After giving her all the info for DRU and DDRINC and encouraging her to surrender to rescue via email, this is her reply to me (and I Quote)

    No thank you ill keep him first


    I wrote back asking her "Well...if that's the case, why did you put him up on craiglist for adoption in the first place".....

    She has not replied to me and I noticed that her post was flagged for removal (not by me).

    She's either a scammer or one Heartless B1tch....
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  7. Damasyn

    Damasyn Novitiate

    hmm sounds flaky. But dont rule out the heartless bitch idea
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  8. Dragonflyz

    Dragonflyz Member

    She posted that pup in December and I sent her a message that stated- I am interested in your pup and have experience with deaf dogs please contact me. She never responded.

    Then a few weeks ago she listed the dog again and I sent her another email and responded with "what do you want to know about the dog?" I offered to pay the $50 for the dog and offered to take the dog into rescue. She never got back to me.

    I think she is a scammer!!!!!
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  9. Eglidegirl

    Eglidegirl New Member

    Well then shes a scammer AND a Heartless Bitch!
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  10. raven200028

    raven200028 Novitiate

    Did this poor deaf baby get a home?? If not We will take her and give her a fun,living,caring,warm forever home. Pleaded let me know we come get him now.
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  11. Marinegeekswife

    Marinegeekswife Hot Topics Subscriber

    Sweet of you but this was almost two years ago. :(
  12. DocReverto

    DocReverto Formerly CRD

    It's the thought that counts. There are plenty of Dobermans needing rescue out there........

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