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Day in the sun

Discussion in 'The Pet Post (Non Doberman)' started by Brioddy, Feb 26, 2019.

  1. Brioddy

    Brioddy Notable member

    It has been extra miserably WET for weeks on end, and Sunday the sun finally broke through! People and dogs alike are relieved, now I just can’t wait for the mud to dry up so I don’t have to wash a load of towels every other day.

    Our witchy neighbor that nobody likes has a little dog that she keeps outside for her son and does not contain. It’s always getting loose and coming down to see the kids across the street and just wants to be around people, or get away from her owner... probably both. She’s a sweet little thing but nobody will go return her because nobody will deal with the owner. So she had to hang out with us, her name is Miss Weenie and I think the big dogs liked her a whole bunch more than she liked them LOL. My boyfriend acted like he wanted nothing to do with her, but I think photos often speak for themselves.

    045364F8-FA22-4267-B2D9-5F7B8E21803B.jpeg 0AD99E62-9FD3-4C1C-8855-B145C6151B45.jpeg 85621D3F-CBE8-4635-9993-73A1BEDE0B9A.jpeg

    The whole group, ready to go get into some trouble.

    The boys heard/smelled (both?) a mole in the ground and double teamed digging a perfect trench trying to follow it. Ultimately they got out-moled :D
    E878B09E-CE43-49A8-ADB1-E0933ED8B522.jpeg 9096DE3E-3ECA-4E34-B3DC-277AF47ADED7.jpeg

    Then we played by the creek, this giant tree and Rio makes Brinks look like the worlds longest dog lol
    BAB0DF09-E82B-4D6A-AF65-67B69455B1CE.jpeg B5FA9D5C-83D5-45E2-8E16-AE8F2763F17F.jpeg 36ED50F6-2DC5-44FD-ADEC-BF69F2215A7A.jpeg A1BE748E-F5C8-456B-830B-E5E3E2013CA9.jpeg 32D57F91-1E0B-49E8-AD75-18F377D58384.jpeg

    Hoping for much more sunny days to come :)

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  2. Ddski5

    Ddski5 Hot Topics Subscriber $ Forum Donor $

    The way Rio is growing to Brinx’s size is neat to watch. But how is Brinks reacting to this? Does Brinx put Rio into a subservient role- nipping and domineering?

    Looking at the picts, can’t help but to hope they get along like two carefree buds!!
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  3. Antman408

    Antman408 $ Premium Subscriber $ $ Forum Donor $

    Dog sounds neglected. I think you should take it in. She looks like a sweetheart and you can see the desire to belong in her eyes. Just my two cents.
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  4. Brioddy

    Brioddy Notable member

    Brinks and Rio are great friends, they wrestle like boys are apt to do but take turns being the submissive one. It’s a trip watching them play tag in the yard because they are both intelligent and have different strengths. Brinks has a higher top speed but Rio has a quicker start. You can see the wheels turning in both of them trying to avoid the other!

    As much as I’d like to help the little dog, I already have three and I really do not want any more. Besides that, the lady she belongs to is the type that even though she has straight up told me she doesn’t like dogs, and wouldn’t mind if it disappeared i can imagine her son might change her stance if it did go missing. To the neighbors. She’s the kind that will start drama and call cops on you, and as sad as it is people dump dogs out by me fairly frequently. I’d have a shelter of my own if I took in every one, not to mention exposing my own dogs to who-knows-what on top of behavioral issues.
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  5. Rits

    Rits Admin Administrative Staff Moderator Hot Topics Subscriber

    What fun! Your lack of snow and all that sun has me longing for warmer weather!

    The neighbors dog looks like a little sweetheart. Wonder what kind of mix she is. Dachshund and shepherd? Lol!
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  6. Lizbeli

    Lizbeli $ Premium Subscriber $ Hot Topics Subscriber

    Looks like they had a blast! Rio is a hunk <3
    Is that stream swimmable? Wish I had an area like that looks beautiful.
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  7. Brioddy

    Brioddy Notable member

    Thank you! <3 Miss Weenie (that’s what the neighborhood kids call her) is pretty sweet. She loves being around people and I’ve never even heard her make a peep which, to me, is astounding for a little dog! I’d say definitely dachshund, who knows what else??

    The stream doesn’t get deep enough for the dogs to swim, but it has spots where it comes up Brinks chest and he’s 29” tall. It’s -always- cool no matter how hot it gets, which is super nice because I never have to worry about them over heating!

    73441F6D-7A50-4608-A648-D9CC48D0B4AA.jpeg 31CF0812-C227-44E6-AF90-E48BA423F5EE.jpeg
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  8. JanS

    JanS DCF Owner Administrative Staff Moderator Hot Topics Subscriber

    Wow you catch some great shots of your dogs and it looks like they're all having a great time!

    Love the pic of your bf with the little dog leaning against his leg like she's looking for protection. :love:
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  9. Brioddy

    Brioddy Notable member

    Thank you Jan! It’s funny you say how Miss Weenie is looking for protection - she was. Lol! She was a bit overwhelmed by all the attention from the big dogs. Besides that though she does always want to be next to you though.
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  10. Ingrid H

    Ingrid H Hot Topics Subscriber $ Forum Donor $

    Great pics! You always get some great action shots :)
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  11. MyBuddy

    MyBuddy Moderator Hot Topics Subscriber

    Wow, some beautiful shots of all your crew! And Miss Weenie is adorable! I would scoop her up in a minute! But I certainly understand the consequences for the neighbor like that. :thumbdown: It's too bad how some people treat animals. At least she's having fun by you.:)
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  12. Brioddy

    Brioddy Notable member

    She came back over yesterday, she’s slowly getting more used to all the attention from the big dogs. Who knows, I might steal her and give her to my mom when she moves up here :D. I’ve never had a lap dog before... well, one at least that isn’t 80 lbs and “thinks” they’re a lap dog.

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  13. LifeofRubie

    LifeofRubie Notable member

    These pictures definitely have me pining for warmer weather and adventures :woot: what fun! Miss Weenie might not give you the option of 'returning' her at some point...
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