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Crown Nobel Kennels BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Doberman Breeders' started by xphantsx, Aug 23, 2018.

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  1. xphantsx

    xphantsx New Member

    I post this to warn everyone I can reach. Please do not flame and keep the comments relevant. I learned how NOT to buy a Doberman from the is experience. I would prefer to not be scolded I am open to observations on how to buy a Doberman. I spelled the Crown Noble Kennels name wrong (spelled Noble as Nobel) and I didn't find the posts from this site due to my spell error. I did fix the spelling and found a post here on this site that would have changed my mind, thus I wouldn't be here informing you of my experiences. Thanks to this site I can help others.

    Perry was initially very helpful yet clearly unskilled in professionalism. Website is just pictures of dogs and the people they beg to take pictures of the puppies while wearing Crown Nobel Kennel t-shirts. I was one lol. Now he probably pulled it down if he even put my picture up.
    I can't say anyone else had an experience that was worse or better than mine as that is not my business. Based on his threat emails he sent later he has had issues previously.
    I researched Breeders on the www.akc.org site and ofa.org site. I felt an AKC registered breeder would be straight up, forth coming and above all Honest. This turned out not to be the case. I misspelled the Breeders and did not see the negative posts on Doberman Chat Forum and https://www."another board"/breeding-breeders/ . If I had seen these I wouldn’t be posting this now.
    The contract was Poorly written with glaring spell check and grammar fails etc. The contract had lines or hash marks horizontally across sections and areas but not covering the entire document.
    I made a new version of Perry's contract for the Crown Nobel Kennels owner out of the kindness of my heart. Perry loved it. Keep in mind I never received the contract again after I fixed it for him. I fixed the contract out of sheer embarrassment for Perry Rouse and Crown Nobel Kennels because it was so bad in design and quality. I had to help him out. I wish now I didn't. I also wish I had not dealt with him; the poorly written contract should have been a red flag in hindsight!!!!

    <strong>Now this is how everything went down.</strong>
    Contacted breeder Crown Nobel Kennels and Perry Rouse from the AKC.ORG Market Place Welcome to Crown Noble Kennels . European Doberman Breeder doberman puppies
    They say they specialize in "<strong>We specializes in top tier European working and show bloodlines.</strong>"
    All I can say about this is the puppies were in a large tall cage in the front yard.
    I asked my questions about health and DNA tests on the parents of the puppies and was assured they were tested. I did confirm that some testing that was performed <a href="Orthopedic Foundation for Animals - Companion Animal Research Center">www.OFA.ORG</a> website. The major areas of concern for me during my search was an animal clear of the nastier health defects.
    I asked for the breeder to have the parents onsite and the breeder did not have them onsite. Magically the dogs were out of hand and not onsite.
    I was shown a puppy via text "while still in Texas" this was how the selection process went. I selected the puppy Perry had shown to me. I also received a video of the puppy and this puppy “in the video” had another collar on and was clearly smaller in small size and had a distended stomach. Keep in mind I didn't notice the distended stomach from the low-quality grainy video he sent me.

    After my issues occurred I examined my proofs he sent me.
    IE in the video you can clearly see the stomach of the puppy in the video is distended and this was on the 8/15/18. Yet Perry said it just happened I arrived on 8/18/18/. Perry also asked if I needed a health certificate well; his ad says you will get health records. He charged me for the health certificate that should have come with the dog. Also, the health certificate was dated for the day I arrived. I found this odd the Seller needed a certificate at all shouldn't he have had one for all the puppies by the time he was selling the puppies? I say it sounds reasonable he should health certificates available for inspection and to go with the puppies at time of sale.

    I flew into to San Francisco on 8/18/18 and then drove to Modesto California.
    Now I arrive at the home of the breeder and I see what I would call a rough neighborhood. I had immediate concerns for my safety. Not from the Seller at this point but from the neighborhood. When I arrived, I could see the puppies in a cage.
    2 puppies with cropped ears and not wrapped ears. I don't understand for the life of me why a breeder wouldn’t tape up the ears 3 days after they were cropped? Perry the Seller said he left my puppy untapped to show me how to tape. I 100% disagree with the answer and it is 100% wrong to leave the dogs ears untapped.
    After the Seller pulled out the puppy that was supposed to be mine; I could see a huge stomach on the puppy. I mentioned this is not the same dog you shared a picture of he said it was; I could tell it was not. The Seller Perry Rouse claimed the VET said the bloated looking stomach was from over eating. I checked over the puppy and found the dog didn't appear to be in pain. This part about pain medication I wasn't told about until after I bought the dog and left. Meaning when I called the Seller to inform him the puppy’s stomach was not going down but looking bigger and he then told me the puppies were on pain killers.
    Additionally: The Seller asked me to register the dog while I was onsite. I didn’t know how to register so I let him use my phone and WE started the process. All the while I was asking questions and checking out the physical paperwork to the best of my ability. I point this out because the Seller said in 1 of his 3 nasty emails “ I registered the dog online “ well of course WE registered the dog you asked me to.
    You're asking yourself why I bought the puppy with an obvious defect? Well my mother raised Dobermans for years when I was young. I felt it may be as the Seller said a bloated stomach. The Seller did give me a health checkup paper; even though it was dated for an exam performed the same day I arrived to purchase a pet. I am not a professional breeder nor a Doberman expert far from it. I know what I read.
    I asked the Seller if I could take the dog to a VET and have the puppy checked he said yes and would pay for it. He also asked that I wait until morning to do so to see if the dog’s stomach will go down. I did wait, and the stomach became bigger. Overnight while driving back to San Francisco I called and gained permission to see a vet. The Seller agreed and said he would pay for it. The Seller sent me screen captures of 2 VETS in the San Francisco Area to go see. I chose Ocean Avenue Veterinary Hospital from the 2 VETS he said to take the puppy to.
    I also called the VET the Seller says is his VET and the VET said he didn’t take x-rays of the stomach and the abnormally looking belly could be from over eating. “Could be” he said now; I am alarmed the due to what he said it could be overeating bloating “could be”. Why didn’t a licensed VET do x-rays maybe the VET wanted to take x-rays and the Seller declined. As I hope it went this way and the VET was a real VET and not a family friend or something else. The VETS business name is Yosemite Veterinary Hospital at 1706 Yosemite Blvd, Modesto Texas 95354 Yosemite Veterinary Hospital | Veterinarian Modesto, Riverbank, Empire CA 1-209-779-6040
    Since I can’t prove or believe anything now, I recommend never going to this VET Hospital if you do; do so at your beloved animals risk.

    In the AM, I made an appointment. By the way Ocean Avenue Veterinary Hospital at 1001 Ocean Ave, San Francisco, CA 94112 Ocean Avenue Veterinary Hospital were stellar in looking over the dog.
    Doctor said the puppy appears to be in good health; aside from the obvious distended stomach. The Doctor recommended x-rays. I did the x-rays. The Doctor had the assistant come get me. The look on his face said it all. The doctor said there is an obvious and apparent ABNORMAL area in the puppy's stomach. The Doctor showed what the food looked like in the puppy's stomach and then the obvious ABNORMALITY in the lower stomach area. The ABNORMALITY was clear as it is not supposed to be a anything in this area but normal stomach. The Doctor showed me several images of a normal canine stomach and in none of the pictures did the sample pictures look my new puppies’ stomach. I am not a Doctor, so my terms may not be 100% accurate so don't fault my observations. I am now very upset “sad” and feeling like the dog is drugged on pain killers and is hurting and we don’t know it. Pure speculation but reasonable speculation.

    <img src="http://techly.pro/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/updated-leia-stomach-red-circle-1-300x297.jpg" alt="" width="300" height="297" class="alignnone size-medium wp-image-281" />

    <img src="http://techly.pro/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/4213_29589_2_s0-300x300.jpg" alt="" width="300" height="300" class="alignnone size-medium wp-image-274" />

    I expected the Doctor to say the puppy had a treatable issue
    At this point to know for sure the dog must be operated on to know for sure?
    Well the Doctor said it could be very cheap or very expensive. Without more testing and exploration, we can't be 100% sure. The Seller declined any further work on the dog.
    I asked the VET a direct question: I asked what should I do return the dog? The Doctor said if you can get out of this then do it immediately. Those are not exact words but very close and may be exact. As I don’t want to lie.
    I handed the phone to the Doctor and we called the Seller. I had the Doctor tell the Seller what was wrong. The Seller then said so "what I am hearing from the Doctor is the dog is in good health with food bloat"? I said no that is not what the Doctor said. I explained what the Doctor said as follows.
    Doctor to Seller: The puppy appears to be in ok health and I say this without further testing.
    Doctor to Seller: The puppy has an obvious ABNORMALITY in the lower stomach and without an expert x-ray consultation at another VET we can't be certain what is the problem. We may still need to perform surgery.
    If you're of sound mind, then the diagnosis the Doctor told the Seller is 100% plausible and makes perfect sense. In one of the nasty emails the Seller sent to me he said; I gave him a bogus vet report. The VET sent the report to me and I forwarded to the Seller. I gave The VET the Seller’s email and they may have forwarded the diagnosis to him as well as I.
    The Seller asked me point blank what do I want to do? I said I want a full refund. The Seller then complained he paid for a health certificate the day before on 8/18/18 and he wants me to pay for that $90.00 and the current vet bill of over $255.25. I offered to split the cost he agreed. I did get my money back minus $243.00

    Now I had to leave soon and as luck would have it, my flights were changed 2 times by American Airlines. This Thankfully allowed me the extra time to deal with the puppy’s return to the Seller.
    The Puppy return happened with no issues aside from I took 25 minutes to drive half way to him and he took 2 hours to do the same. The whole trip one is 92 ish miles and he took 2 hours to drive 46 miles. I arrived at the Airport with 47 minutes to return my car and get checked at TSA.

    The same day.
    Seller Perry Rouse texted me he couldn’t do anything about the registration papers for the dog. When I gave him the dog he said he didn’t want the papers and I asked him pointedly do you want me to sign anything? Perry Rouse said no. I said great and left for San Francisco. I at this point suspected 100% he knew he tried and failed to sell me a dog with issues.
    The next day.
    The Seller Perry Rouse texted and called several times telling me I had to send him the papers immediately. Or he couldn’t resell the dog. I assumed from him saying he didn’t want the papers he was going to do something to the dog. I am speculating and hoped it was not the case. Now I see it is not the case.
    Perry Rouse has sent 7 or more emails. 3 or more of which are threats about “aggressively sueing me among extorting me for storage of the dog” yes, he spelled suing that way. Perry Rouse obviously realized I have ownership of the dog at his behest to register right away on the AKC.Org site. I think he also realized that we did not have a signed agreement or contract of sale. I bet this is when his head started to go into over drive and the emails came in.
    This Seller Perry Rouse at Crown Nobel Kennels agreed to reimburse my expense for coming out to Modesto California from Austin Texas. I think he agreed because he felt that he had the upper hand on me. I suspect this because he forgot he had me register the dog. So, I have ownership of a questionable Doberman puppy that I have no idea of its location or health status.
    By the way Perry Rouse is absolutely not going to reimburse me. He says I am lying etc; and I say to him then if I am a liar why return the dog? He has not answered.
    In 1 of the threat emails the Seller Perry Rouse said he has new x-rays and his VET the same VET that said it was stomach bloat, has now declared this puppy healthy. The Seller Perry Rouse said that the VET he sent me to and I made a bogus VET visit. Well my Credit Card statement says otherwise. Update: New threat emails from Seller Perry Rouse says he has 3 VETS saying via x-rays his dog is disease free.
    At this point I want the Seller to not contact me until he has my trip expenses ready to be sent to my bank as agreed. This will not happen. Update: Received another email this morning after 6 am CST time. Telling me more I am a liar etc and I am doing him wrong.

    Moving on……
    Do not work with or buy from this less than honest backyard breeder of European Dobermans. Run
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  2. xphantsx

    xphantsx New Member

    Forgot to edit picture links

    Attached Files:

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  3. LifeofRubie

    LifeofRubie Active Member

    Hrm... sounds like a terrible experience for something that should've been a happy day!
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  4. JanS

    JanS DCF Owner Administrative Staff Moderator Hot Topics Subscriber

    I'm so sorry you went through this horrible experience and I feel terrible for all of the poor pups he produces since it more than likely happened with more than this one pup.
    Unless the vet has put a cup on their head leaving the stitches open, you don't want to tape the ears until they're healed and the stitches are out, so that part is plausible.

    I would make sure to save all of the nasty emails from him in case it does go to court so you have proof of what went on.
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  5. AresMyDobie

    AresMyDobie Hot Topics Subscriber $ Forum Donor $

    I know of this “breeder” and have never heard anything good about them
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  6. xphantsx

    xphantsx New Member

    Update: I am still receiving threat emails from the breeder for posting on Facebook. I made a Facebook page outlining my experiences with the breeder. He is complaining about intellectual rights to his breeder picture of crown noble kennels. I went and modified it after his new threat.
    I Qoute from the breeder see below.
    "Now you are sued buddy . I’m posting all correspondence between us and your pics and video on the the net idiot you better stop now."
    He is upset about his picture of his kennels and the video he sent me that shows the distended stomach. Yes I did post it on Facebook. Because it is from his cell phone.

    Facebook page is listed as Bill Bixby see below
    Bill Bixby
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  7. Kaiser2016

    Kaiser2016 Active Member

    Good on ya for posting it. He is all about threats and name calling. Hopefully this will help put him out of business.
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  8. Ddski5

    Ddski5 Hot Topics Subscriber $ Forum Donor $

    So breeder has the puppy but Delaney has the papers....

    How’s the puppy now?? Have any new picts of the pup??
  9. Rits

    Rits Admin Administrative Staff Moderator Hot Topics Subscriber

    Dogman, I have removed your post since it contains sensitive material like full names and home addresses disclosed in a private message. You are welcome to repost your pictures provided you edit/block out the sensitive material. Thank you.
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  10. MDoberman14

    MDoberman14 Novitiate

    I had nothing but GREAT dealings when I dealt with Perry from Crown Noble.
    I asked and was looking for a working Male so I could title and work in a sport home (PSA) Perry picked out the puppy that he thought would be the best fit for me! Now yes. The videos that were sent to me via text was also grainy, (that wasnt Perry's fault it was the phone down grading the qualititu for it can send. Happens to me alot.)I asked Perry if he could send them to me Via Instagram or Fb so the quality was better and he Happily sent them to me. After he sent the pictures and videos the quality was great in the video and i could see the puppy work. I also got to see more pictures and videos of the liter and some of their home. I didnt see anything alarming or anything that would turn me off. The pups looked very well taken care of. There area wasnt dirty. Pups looked happy and healthy and running around.
    Also the puppy's ears shouldn't have been taped if the stitches were still in unless they're posted or taped to a cone. (Not my first rodeo with taping or posting. I had to have a pups ears REDONE because they were done two different crops, from a reputable breeder on this site too..NOT CROWN NOBLE)fast forward to my pup from Perry his ears look phenomenal!! Everyone comments how well of a crop and dock was done to my boy by Perry
    Regarding the health records and the health certificate are COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. The health records are the records from birth of all the vaccines and de wormers the puppy has gotten, the health certificate is when you need to take the puppy to get a complete health check over in order to fly on a plane, up to 10 days before the flight.
    Perry did my health cert that day and put my dog on a flight which I rather know the vet put my puppy in perfect health to fly. I received my puppy and he was happy, healthy, and eager to greet me and play! I took him to my vet 2 days later, and they gave him a CLEAN BILL OF HEALTH.
    So far I have NOTHING BUT GOOD THINGS to say about Perry. I'm also doing the D.D.P. and will update when I get those results back.
    As far giving the dog back. You should sign the paper work back over considering you gave the dog back, received your money back, you dont own the dog anymore and if he tries to resell the dog the new owners should have the paper work.
    I dont see any red flags in the Xrays. I see alot of food material that is able to be broken down.
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  11. Tropicalbri's

    Tropicalbri's $ Premium Subscriber $ Hot Topics Subscriber $ Forum Donor $

    I guess what I have a problem with is not returning the papers to the breeder. If the puppy was returned and their money refunded why would you want to keep the papers? That seems unfair and a bit spiteful since the papers would be of no use to the person that returned the pup.

    It’s a sad situation all around.
    I have always believed there are 3 sides to every story. What one says, what the other says and what actually occurred.
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  12. xphantsx

    xphantsx New Member

    I do not contact the breeder. Somehow he managed to have the dog taken from my account. I contacted legal counsel and the dog was promptly returned. I have no idea of the dog I assume he sold it to someone else.
  13. xphantsx

    xphantsx New Member

    Not being spiteful. The breeder agreed to pay my travel expenses and since then has backed out.
    There are certainly several sides to a story. I am 100% confident in my reactions and how I conducted myself. I do not expect everyone to agree with me nor even like me. That's why we all have opinions. My goal was to make sure others knew about this breeder and the potential issues that could arise.
  14. xphantsx

    xphantsx New Member

    to: Tropicalbri's said:
    Your thoughts and comments are of sound thought. I appreciate your candor without insult. Thank you for taking the time to post.
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  15. xphantsx

    xphantsx New Member

    Well your not a Doctor. Your commentary sounds like a friend. Yet you are entitled to say as you feel. Thanks for taking the time to post.
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  16. xphantsx

    xphantsx New Member

    Perry, you forgot to mention I did not sign a contract. You also are perfectly able to pursue me as far as you desire. I have the absolute proof of the transaction. Which is 100% why you were not allowed to keep the dog you had removed from my account. If you notice I didn't post any of your texts and emails that 100% contradicts most of which you are posting now. I am content with a day in court as I have behaved properly. If You forwarded the posts to my wife and family that's just LOLOLOLOL. LOL If you need a more defined list of my family members please ask. I wouldn't want you sending your emails to randoms. I can't decide if you sending stuff to random people you think are my family is funny or just sad? Sad for sure yes sad.
  17. Dogman12

    Dogman12 Novitiate

    The puppy in question is in great condition and will be donated to a great family of our choosing. Thanks to Mr. Austin Delaney’s defamation and extortion attempt we will turn this into a blessing for a great family . We have made no contact to Akc in regards to this case at this point . We are in pursuit of legal action at the moment but will be filling a complaint with AKC . I’m sure after review of the vet records unedited x rays and all correspondence the paperwork will be revoked and reissued . So in regards to anyone having a dog removed from Mr Delaney’s account that would be another lie. I will go ahead and black out the addresses on the correspondence I posted so it will not be removed next time . The is very sad and ridiculous of him to say all these things when he could post the unedited correspondence . After registration of your dog in most cases you have to go into your Akc account and add your new dog using the registration info receive in the mail. So this is a case lack
    of knowing on his part then fabricated lies immediately following. Shame on you Mr Delaney there is no correspondence stating anything about expenses being paid. I have never and would never agree to pay someone’s expenses. Where does that even fit into the dialogue when purchasing a puppy.
  18. xphantsx

    xphantsx New Member

    Oh let me correct myself. The dog was removed from my account. I naturally assumed that when you sent you threat email about the AKC having all the proof that's when it happened. Do you recall that email right?

    I will not post all your emails and texts I don't have to. So please continue with anything you desire to try and do to me I don't mind. As I said before you agree to pay my expenses was verbal and can't be proved which is why I haven't tried to pursue you in a court. I don't care. You also can't prove a majority of what you are saying. When you say doctored xrays I didn't alter anything other than add a red circle. I'm thinking there is something wrong with how you view pictures or don't understand the idea behind red circles on pictures. The VET absolutely has their set of xrays and in a court, the inspection would show the pictures I posted are not altered. Please be careful with how you insinuate fraud from a licensed VET.
  19. xphantsx

    xphantsx New Member

    The dog was added, I naturally figured after your threat email about getting the dog that that's when it happened. Who should I assume did it my mother or better yet 2 years old from the BAY AREA OR Yucatan......

    FYI I did post the official email from AKC saying the dog was returned to my account. However, as expected, you failed to mention you knew that as well. LOL Heres the proof you say I don't have about the removal from my account.

  20. Dogman12

    Dogman12 Novitiate

    He said he didn’t sign the contract that’s cool . The contract is in place to protect the buyer and the seller . You where to sign and send in by email you chose not to do so but I handle you like you did sign the contract . I did not have to give you your money correct we had no contract . Good thing for you we are not into scamming people out of there money nor do we sell sick puppies and we definitely don’t pay anyone’s expenses. What we do is provide a great service great dogs and our integrity is always above par . This is why I can’t understand why the 360 . You can see in the correspondence from you all the Thank you’s Before you got your refund then you go dark then you start asking for your expenses paid and refuse to send my paperwork. Not to mention the address you provided for your health certificate was fake this is before we ever met so what where you true intentions mr Delaney . I didn’t give you any fake info you know where I live . What is this game you are playing . You paid an extra 1,000 for breeding rights after being at my place for an hr but you say there was red flags . I’m on a acre lot purchase for my dogs . You my friend want to become a backyard Breeder lol . This is a joke . I will repost the correspondence then I’m completely done with this until I get my day in court the proof is plane as day .
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