Crop Pics - Lets see your style!


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The best advice I ever got regarding getting my dogs ears cropped was from the vet tech... she told me to find some pics of what I liked... and bring them in.

So I did that, a collection of what I liked as well as what i didnt want!!!

So what better place to have examples for ears than our own people?? If you have any nice shots of crops, post em here, a lot of people have different tastes and are drawn to different things. And it would be awesome to have the resource in our our place to see different things.

Below I have Karmas cut, this was after a few weeks of posting, I asked for a cut BETWEEN medium and show, and I wanted that FWIP on the end.. I also asked for a lil more bell since she was 12 weeks, i was worried about them not standing easy, one ear came out better that the other, but they are pretty nice over all :)

This is the ear with the fwip..


This is when she is about one... shows the ear with not as much fwip...

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Cool thread! I needed it a couple of weeks ago. Man, I don't have any great ear crop pics of my own. Maybe I can add to this later once I actually see what Emmies look like. Hooter has two different sized & shaped ears...I have no clue who cropped him, but I hope they don't do many more!!
These are the pictures I took to the vet when I had Emmie's ears done. I asked for medium, with the fancy tip. I love that little "fwip" at the end. ;)



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This is a good site for ear photos.......

Patricia Edwards does fantastic ear cropping, and these pictures are nice and clear for a vet to get an idea of what you are looking for (if you see a crop you like).

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Are you talking about the photo on my post? If so, I believe I have the full sized image on my PC. PM me your email & I'll send it to you.
BTW- Hope it's OK I used your dog as a reference. She has perfect ears!!


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What a great idea hrd! If I ever get another Dobe pup I want plenty of pics to bring in so I get exactly what I want.

Here's one of Boris, who has a medium crop.
Deck head shot Aug 8 09 sized.jpg
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There are some awesome ears here, LOL, may haveta snatch berlins pics, he has a gorgeous head


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All your dogs ears look so great!!! My poor pathetic Shiloh,I don't know if it was a butcher job or her original owner didn't tape them but her ears don't stand at all.Oh well she's still beautiful to me.


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the first two photos were taken when he was about 8.5 months old & his ears look long

This last photo was taken at 12 months old & his head seems to have grown a little larger, so the ears look smaller than they did on earlier photos.
The growth of the skull should always be taken into consideration when cropping.
A crop that looks really long as a puppy will not look so long when the dog grows up.



when we went to the vet,we told him too,what we wanted and what we don't wanted,oh well,after we got Apollo back,it wasn't like we wanted it,but thats another story here some pic's how he looks now,after posting the ears what seems forever :)



thats was on june 12th after i took the posting of